Ages 18-26

A premier high school diploma program offering virtual and in-person independent study programs for students who need flexibility and support to succeed.

Elite Adult Education Academy (EAEA) offers a combination of both virtual and in-person independent study programs for those who need more hands-on support to be successful. Students enjoy a creative, relaxed environment where they work with Elite’s highly qualified and caring faculty and staff to customize their learning and prepare for the future.

Adults aged 18-26 benefit from a truly unique academy that offers unparalleled flexibility, support and quality curriculum:

  • Opportunity to earn an accredited diploma
  • Core and enrichment classes
  • Blend of top-quality digital and traditional materials
  • In-person instruction and support from an Elite Educator
  • Friendly, dedicated staff that supports the needs of independent learners
  • Opportunities with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), job training and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs

Earn an Accredited Diploma

To meet the needs of students with varying circumstances and challenges, we offer three pathways to earn a high school diploma:

Traditional High School Diploma

210 credits to graduate

For students who enter the program with over 150 credits or would benefit from being in High School for longer than a year and are college bound.

Special Program Diploma

160 credits to graduate

For those who meet one of the following criteria:

  • A student who is homeless
  • A student who is a foster youth
  • A student who is enrolled in a WIOA program

Special Circumstances Diploma

130 credits to graduate

For students who have extenuating circumstances that would merit an accelerated graduation path. Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Student needs to graduate sooner in order to meet a deadline to transfer to a community college or trade school
  • A pregnant student who needs to graduate prior to giving birth
  • Student is close to aging out of the program
  • Other circumstances will be examined and eligibility determined on a case by case basis


EAEA is 100% tuition free. Students receive $3200 in Educational Funds for a year of enrollment. Educational Fund allotments will vary depending upon the student’s official enrollment date. Students enrolled prior to September 4th and remain in school the entire academic year receive full funding.

Educational Funds are used to purchase curriculum and any other tools needed for students to experience success in school. Students can use their Educational Funds for Career Technical Training courses, electives, laptop computers, tutoring and physical education opportunities.

Please see the student handbook for more information.


EAEA offers a variety of top quality virtual and traditional curriculum options to ensure an enjoyable and successful academic experience for each student. In addition to core courses, students can participate in hands-on electives like yoga, film studies, book clubs, art appreciation, career exploration and physical fitness.

Virtual Curriculum

Elite partners with StrongMind to deliver the highest quality digital curriculum available. Its award-winning coursework is rigorous, engaging and packed with exciting and relevant multimedia elements designed to engage students for improved learning, mastery and retention.

StrongMind Curriculum

  • Aligned to California Educational Code
  • A-G Approved
  • Custom designed multimedia elements:
    • Virtual reality (VR) lessons
    • Emmy and Telly award-winning video and animations
    • Interactive illustrations, maps and graphs
    • Infographics
Strongmind Courses
StrongMind Curriculum

Traditional Curriculum

EAEA students have access to dozens of traditional and flexible curriculum vendors and options that encompass workbooks, project-based assignments, packets and more. Teachers work with their student to determine the most appropriate curriculum to ensure academic success and to develop supplemental coursework to help students who are behind academically catch up to their grade level.

School Structure

Students may choose to attend core and enrichment classes as well as meet with their Elite Educator in a locally Authorized Resource Center up to three times per week. Centers offer the perfect opportunity for students work collaboratively with teachers and other students as well to complete their coursework in a quiet and supportive environment.

A day in the life of an Adult Education Academy student

Elite’s unique independent study opportunities give students the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma while working, taking vocational classes and/or enjoying enrichment activities in the community.


Placement and tracking

EAEA assesses each student upon enrollment and once again later in the school year using Scantron Performance Series English Language Arts and Math shortened assessments to determine their current academic level and growth. This allows teachers to determine the best curriculum to ensure each student’s academic success. These assessments are used for placement and tracking and not calculated into individual class grades.

State Mandated

EAEA also participates in state mandated Smarter Balance Series annually. The tests sections given are based on the state requirements. CELDT assessments are given to English Learner students.

Assessment Tools

EAEA utilizes standardized, authentic, and performance-based assessments as guided by the State Frameworks and Performance Standards. While the standard, on-demand assessments enables Elite to monitor both the individual student’s and the school’s performance, these assessments might not fully meet the needs of students or their instructors. EAEA requires students, teachers, and staff to measure their performance, thereby empowering them to recognize and be responsible for their own learning. Elite will therefore supplement standardized assessments with alternative assessments including projects, exhibitions and other tasks that students complete during the year.

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What is Blended/Flex Learning?

Blended Learning is an educational method that combines online curriculum with traditional classroom methods of tutoring, personalized instruction and small group work. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace. This means students can work at their own pace rather than the pace of their peers.

How often will I meet with my teacher?

You will meet with you teacher at least once a week.  However, we have teachers available to meet with you as much as three times a week to help with any of your classes. You are not alone and we will offer you the support you need.

Do all of my classes need to be online?

No, your courses do not have to all be online.  One of the many great benefits of EAEA is the variety of curriculum we offer.  We have textbooks, packets, projects, virtual learning and hands on experiences to complete your courses.

How do I choose what curriculum will work best for me?

At EAEA we believe all students learn differently. The teacher and student are a team and work together to determine what curriculum will work best for each class.

Will EAEA help me find a career?

Many of our courses involve considering career choices. Your assigned teacher and support teachers will have many discussions about career options. You will also have the opportunity to participate in Career Technical Courses, College and Career Readiness Courses, and WIOA centers to help develop a career path that suits you. You may also participate in workshops to prepare for job interviews, create resumes, practice phone and email etiquette, and develop presentation skills.

Can I have a job and attend school at EAEA?

Absolutely, many of our students work while attending school.  You can complete your class work on your own pace.  You and your teacher work together to determine a schedule that best suits your needs.

Does Elite Adult Education Academy charge for tuition?

EAEA is 100% tuition FREE! Adult students who live in any county can enroll in Elite Adult Education Academy.  Flexible K-12 students can enroll in the following counties:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • Inyo
  • Kern County
  • Imperial County
  • San Diego

Can an EAEA recover credits while enrolled?

Yes, a student is able to recover credits for courses he/she has previously withdrawn from or earned a D/F.

Are English Language Learners Supported at EAEA?

Of course! We celebrate diversity at EAEA and provide an enormous amount of support for our students. Our teachers are highly-qualified credentialed teachers with English Language support authorizations.

Does Elite Adult Education Academy hold a graduation ceremony for students who meet the graduation requirements?

Yes! Elite Adult Education Academy students deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. Graduations are held at the end of each school year at various venues. We encourage our students and their families to attend the graduation ceremony to celebrate the hard work of the Elite student.

What documents are required for enrollment in Elite Adult Education Academy?

The documentation needed to enroll in EAEA are the same requirements as any other school. The EAEA registrar will need the following documents to enroll a student.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residency
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • IEP or 504 documents (if applicable)

Does Elite Adult Education Academy support students with an IEP or 504 plan?

Absolutely! EAEA has Special Education credentialed teachers to ensure the IEP plan is being followed or revised for student success.

Can an Elite Adult Education Academy student enroll in Community College while being enrolled in high school?

Concurrent enrollment in community college and EAEA offers dual credit. For example, a 3 credit course at the community college level (100 or above) equates to college credit as well as 10 credits towards Elite Academic High School graduation credits.

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