Introducing: The Art Seen!

Who we are: A peer-social group providing positive opportunities for students to connect with peers in fun and meaningful ways through equitable and diverse activities related to the arts. Ultimately, this club will encourage students to discover authentic ways to express themselves and participate by stepping into real-life roles that add intrinsic value and purpose to their lives.

Show Up Sessions: Monthly webinar sessions facilitated by Amy Ciceri, where students interact with peers by participating in different themed discussion-based activities.

Show Up Socials: A variety of fun student­ generated social activities. Talent Show, Recital, Art Exhibit, lmprov, Creative Writing Spotlight.

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Elementary Meet Up: October 12th
Juniors Meet Up: October 13th
High School Meet Up: October 15th

Amy Ciceri, Visual and Performing Arts Lead
[email protected]

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Introducing: The Core Us!

Attention all Elite students grades 3rd-12th!

Join VAPA Lead Amy Ciceri in developing Elite’s first virtual choir club! The main purpose of this new social club will be to connect diverse students in fun and meaningful ways through the positive power of music and expression. Peers will have opportunities to listen to each other and share stories that add significant value to the songs we will sing together. Students will be divided into 3 age groups: 3rd-5th; 6th-8th; and 9th-12th.

Let’s join in the music and build Elite’s new singing club together!

The Core Us has already held their informational meeting, but please reach out to Amy Ciceri if you are interested!
[email protected]

Elite Visual and Performing Arts Program was developed for students who desire to thrive academically while pursuing their passion for the arts.

What is your favorite song? Can you sing it, play it on an instrument, write it down? Follow Amy’s lead and show off your favorite song!

Public Service Announcement from VAPA Lead Amy Ciceri! It’s not too late, be sure to join The Art Seen and discuss your artistic passion with your fellow Elite Students!

VAPA stands for “Visual and Performing Arts.” This includes but is not limited to music, theatre, acting, painting, sculpting, sound production, stage design, and more! 

The Elite Visual and Performing Arts Program (VAPA) offers Elite Homeschool, Flex and Virtual students unparalleled flexibility, individual support and resources to excel in both the arts and in school. They have the unique opportunity to learn and grow with the help and guidance of teachers who are as passionate for the arts as they are knowledgeable.

Our experienced staff members have graduated from prestigious arts colleges and possess a keen knowledge in many subject areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Musical theatre
  • Music (Instruments)
  • Stage Combat
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Cinematography
  • Shakespeare Technique
  • Audition Technique
  • Literature and Criticism
  • Creative Writing
  • Voice Speech
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Movement

VAPA Lead, Amy Ciceri

EAA is pleased to welcome our new VAPA Lead, Amy Ciceri! Amy has been teaching K-12 for over twelve years, and most recently pioneered a successful HS performing arts program for the last eight years. She is most excited about designing unique and invaluable learning experiences for our diverse students that will ultimately empower them and help them gain self-efficacy, empathy, and authentic purpose through the power of music and the arts!

The Core Us

Core Us Promo

Interested in learning about Elite’s first virtual choir club? Listen to VAPA Lead Amy Ciceri tell us what it’s all about and how you can join!

Art Seen

Arianna – Art Seen Video

Arianna, one of our 11th grade students, put together this promo video to show her fellow students what the Art Seen is all about. She has a talent for digital design and the Arts!

Art Seen Experience

During the Art Seen Elementary September Meet Up, One of our students played a song he was learning on the Piano!

The Connection Seen Webinar Series

What is The Connection Seen?

An industry professional monthly webinar series! Elite students are able to learn from an expert in the field and have their direct questions answered.

Upcoming Connection Seen Events

January 21st at 5 pm: Mrs. Ciceri will be announcing the surprise guest any day now!


What is the Visual and Performing Arts program at Elite?

The Visual and Performing Arts program at Elite is among our school’s list of exciting and engaging opportunities. Elite Students with an interest in the Arts have an opportunity to take exciting virtual courses and have hands-on experiences with any one of our many highly qualified Visual and Performing Arts partners.

Does Elite currently have any Visual and Performing Arts Partners?

Elite has many Visual and Performing Arts partners. Our school is interested in honoring the desires of our families, and we have made sure to provide a list of our own highly qualified partners, and also a list of parent/student recommended partners. All partners are rigorously vetted by our Visual and Performing Arts Lead, James Fowler.

Who can participate in the Visual and Performing Arts Program at Elite?

All Elite TK-12  students are welcome to participate in the Visual and Performing Arts program. All high school students are required by the State of California to complete a specific amount of VAPA units toward graduation; this can be completed through a series of online, independent studies courses, or even through one of our VAPA partnerships.

Does Elite offer Visual and Performing Arts curriculum?

Elite Academic Academy is currently offering proprietary Visual and Performing Arts curriculum to our students. During our Summer year-round track, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Visual and Performing Arts programs hosted by our VAPA partners, and using the Elite Visual and Performing Arts curriculum. Students also have opportunities to take these courses during all school tracks.