Elite Athletic Academy is for the student athlete who wants to pursue their passion in a sport while excelling academically

Elite Academic Academy is NCAA Approved!

The Elite Athletic Academy (EAA) offers its students the truly unique opportunity to customize their education and athletic development to succeed academically while taking their sports performance to a whole new level. We offer a variety of ways for students to meet the physical education requirements for independent study, while enjoying access to an exclusive program to improve physical fitness and athlete performance at the competitive level.

EAA offers families a clear and defined pathway to elevate athlete performance and increase chances of earning a college scholarship. We are part of a national sports ecosystem based on a highly efficient data-driven model that holds all parties accountable and provides guaranteed trackable results.

The EAA model provides student athletes of all levels the unique opportunity to benchmark, individualize and elevate their athletic development. Our expertise and focus is in three distinct areas:

  • Testing & Tracking
  • Training & Development
  • Recruiting & Scholarships

EAA offers 21st century student athletes the ideal program:

A challenging, yet extremely flexible and supportive academic experience

In-person academic instruction from Elite Educators at enrichment centers

Educational funds for athletic enrichment programs and services*

Virtual and in-person sport-specific testing, development and performance programs

*Educational funds must first be used for core curriculum and any necessary academic tutoring. Remaining funds can then go toward Elite-authorized enrichment activities.

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Elite Academic Academy Has Partnered with Mamba Sports Academy

Elite students now have the unique opportunity to train with Mamba Sports Academy! This new partnership provides world-class athletic opportunities as part of the Elite experience,
giving students access to Mamba Sports Academy’s state of the art facility, where they can complete basic assessments, sports training and more.

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How Does Sports & Athletics Work at Elite?

  • 5th, 7th and 9th graders need to go through our physical fitness test in accordance with the State of California physical education requirements. These tests include running, upper and lower body strength, and body mass index.
  • If a student is interested in taking their fitness to the next level, our Athletic Program is here to help! Students athletes first begin with an athletic and agility assessment (benchmarks). Then the athlete chooses to customize a data-driven training and development program OR multi-levels of competition, both of which run in 60-day blocks.
  • If a student athlete would like specialized training or coaching, Elite has a vast number of vendors that work with our Elite Athletes to help them reach their goals. Students will use enrichment funds to receive this coaching, provided their teachers agree that their academics are not suffering and they do not need to focus any more funds on tutoring or school work.
  • Our student athlete’s Elite Teacher, Counselor and Athletic Advisor will be working with them to ensure they are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship if they want to continue their athletic career into college.

Athletic & Agility Testing

Elite uses a benchmark system to give student athletes a solid understanding of where they are and where they need to focus their efforts:

  • How you measure up – Sports testing indicates clearly where you rank today nationally, regionally and locally. Knowing how you measure up to your league, age and graduation cohort provides a clear and defined road map to the next level.
  • What to work on now – Testing should be done every 60-90 days to properly track your progression. It measures speed, agility, endurance and accuracy. It also clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using objective data, not guesswork.
  • What colleges match your skills – Benchmarks are the advantage in college exposure. The benchmark system and proprietary scouting software can predict college matches and lead to more scholarships. Athletes all over the country get college exposure every day as a result of our system.

“We don’t guess where a student athlete can play, we measure it!”

Choosing a 60-day Focus

Training & Development

  • Aerobic Training
  • Agility Training
  • Speed Training
  • Strength Training
  • Drills/Skills
  • Combine Prep
  • Flexibility & Movement
  • Seasonal Training
  • And More…


  • Leagues
  • Club/Travel
  • Showcases
  • Tournaments
  • Regional
  • National
  • College Camps
  • And More…

Choose a Sport

No matter the sport, no matter the skills, we will make you a better athlete. The Elite Athletic Program customizes individual programs one family at a time. Our goal is to have each Elite athlete prepared for college exposure as they enter high school.

“No matter the sport, no matter the skill, we will make you a better athlete.”

Basic PE
Organized sports not your thing? Don’t like to exercise much? We’ve got you covered with our basic PE course that will get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing on the daily!

Here are just some of the sports we specialize in:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Cheerleading
  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Gymnastics
  • MMA
  • And more!

Meet EAP consultant Andy Allanson

Elite Academic Academy is proud to offer a variety of ways for students to meet the physical education requirements for independent study. Elite students are offered an exclusive way to improve physical education and athletic performance at the competitive level.

Elite’s Athletic Lead, Andy Allanson, brings a decade of experience and play in the major leagues. His passion for developing student athletes is the foundation for Elite’s physical education and sports programming.

Over a span of 40 years, Andy has developed strategic partnerships and established proven methodologies to provide a clear and defined roadmap to assist K-12 level athletes in obtaining their goal of physical fitness and advancing to compete at the next level.

For any student athlete looking to devote more time to athletic training, Andy is available to consult and develop a customized athletic program.

It’s easy to connect with Andy:
[email protected]
866-ELITE 02 (866-354-8302), Sports – Ext 709

Athletic Overview by Development Stage

Grades TK–3: Initiation Stage – Develop Mastery of Movement

During this stage, it is essential to engage and keep active with fun tasks that build mobility, balance, and timing.  Athletes need to gain structural integrity performing, not feeling like they are formally training.

  1. Multilateral physical and technical training- Correct Movements
  2. Structural integrity-Posture
  3. Coordination, balance, flexibility, and perception of movements
  4. Aerobic endurance without stressful actions
  5. Concentration, imagination, discipline, and willpower to complete a task
  6. Less competition- More Fun- Avoid Stress
  7. Training Hours- Minimum of 100 hours up to 300 hours per year

We teach the following:

  • Technique
  • Develop and Improve
  • Skill- Handling of specific duties
  • Exercising with training aids and devices

Your son/daughter will have an opportunity to work with an Elite Academic Academy Vendor Agility Coach who will customize an athletic program for their grade level to develop physical competence and confidence and use it to perform a range of activities.

  1. Accountability: Measurable Improvements – Guaranteed.
  2. A customized age/grade appropriate path to develop and/or maintain balance, strength and movement.
  3. Measure, monitor and track general athleticism for all student athletes.
  4. Each EAP student/athlete will be provided sport-specific skill specific development programming.
  5. Sports Testing & Data – develop a customized plan of drills and exercises
  6. Refined sport-specific skill sets
  7. Introduce The 5 Point Check System – the only “by the numbers” approach to prepare each student athlete for college exposure upon entering the 9th grade, eventually securing an athletic scholarship.

Each PE quarter, your son/daughter will be provided data driven drills and agility exercises to continuously develop the athletic foundation needed for sports competition while reducing the risk of injury.

Grades 4-6: Athletic Formation Stage I – Teach

Organizing athletic growth plans should be a common approach for everyone who wants to be successful in the long term. Such an approach will increase the probability of reaching superior results at the age of athletic maturity.

  1.  Practice- Physical preparation
  2. Flexibility, Coordination, Aerobic Endurance- Speed and Strength Development
  3. Stress Technique- Specialization – Skill Mastery
  4. Developing perception and importance of technique over the effort
  5. Compete in performance according to individual potential
  6. Improve Focus and Concentration- Love for the sport
  7. Introduce Tactics, Strategies, and emphasis of an offensive mindset
  8. Approach- Competitive Adaptability- Learning How to Manage Losing and How to Make Adjustments
  9. Increase volume of training


  • Exercise improvement with general and specific training
  • Flexibility and Coordination
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Exercise against resistance- Body Weight
  • Competition

Grades 7-8: Athletic Formation Stage II – Intensity and Focus

Grade 7-8 Athletes are still learning formation and adjusting to higher intensity of training than Stage 1 athletes.

  1. Practice- Physical preparation
  2. Flexibility, Coordination, Aerobic Endurance- Speed and Strength Development
  3. Stress Technique- Specialization – Skill Mastery
  4. Developing perception and importance of technique over the effort
  5. Compete in performance according to individual potential
  6. Improve Focus and Concentration- Love for the sport
  7. Introduce Tactics, Strategies, and emphasis of an offensive mindset
  8. Increase volume of training
  9. Initial Mental MRI- Evaluation of Mental Approach learning to make adjustments- Implementation of Coping Skills Training Methods
  10. Exercise improvement with general and specific training
  11. Flexibility and Coordination
  12. Aerobic Endurance
  13. Exercise against resistance- Body Weight – Light Weight Lifting Introduced
  14. Competition
  15. Focus of proper mechanics while executing a skill

Grades 9-12: Specialization Specific to Sport and Position – Muscular Endurance

At this level athletes can begin to focus on specializing in one sport and focus on mastery of a skill.  Increased intensity and focus in training while competing is necessary for proper advancement.  The athlete should be knowledgeable about how they function and how to best utilize their learned skill to compete.

  1.  An objective and subjective direction is given to an athlete
  2. Motor ability specific to position and sport
  3. Structural Integrity mastering of a sequential sequence of skill needed in a sport
  4. More volume and intensity without reaching complete exhaustion- Ensure proper recovery
  5. Perfect Technique- Duplicate skill application over and over refining more and more
  6. Tactics and Strategy- applying strengths to competition while managing weakness in order to compete and win
  7. Sequence- Understanding of the proper sequence to prepare and execute in competition

Training Methods

  1. Specific exercises related to training and improving muscular endurance not surpassing 80% of Max
  2. Exercises that improve flexibility and coordination
  3. Aerobic Endurance
  4. Competitive Adaptability- Compete against the top competition

My GamePlan IQ will begin providing College Exposure during the 9th grade year to all Elite Academic student athletes.


What sports do you support at EAP?

We cater to building athletes in any sport.

What can I expect if my child signs up for EAP?

We will implement a progressive development plan based upon data-driven personal testing which has been proven to provide great results.

What does my child have to do upon enrollment in EAP?

  • Execute DIY benchmark test to determine current athletic ability
  • Watch ‘Welcome to Elite Athletics’ video
  • Execute customized plan of drills & exercises

What goals will you have for my child if they sign up for EAP?

We will work with each student athlete to create a growth plan that will assist in determining individual goals based on the commitment of each student.  These goals are set and tracked.

How will my child be held accountable to do the work?

All program execution is tracked with a daily PE log.

How will I see my child’s athletic progress?

Your child will be tested before the program starts to determine their original benchmark skill sets.

  • All EAP student athletes benchmarks will be tested 3 times per school year.
  • All scores, video and data will be stored and tracked.
  • All test results are compared to previous benchmarks.

What are your expectations of me as a parent?

  • Support your child on the path to becoming the best athlete possible
  • Attend webinars to understand the General Athletic Matrix and benchmark testing and how they relate to your child’s development phase. Promote accountability through habits of testing and tracking benchmarks
  • Assist with execution of customized drills if/where needed
  • Verify student athlete records of completed drills & exercises
  • For younger children, introduce sport-specific skill sets to prepare your child for individual and team competition
  • Support the coach to help your son/daughter have a good experience

Is there in-person support? Where?

The EAP athletic department is here to support students and vets vendor referrals that foster athletic development and promote accountability.

  • Consultation with Andy Allanson will be by appointment only during scheduled office hours Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm
  • Live Q & A webinars
  • Enrichment centers located within the student’s communities serve as an additional resource to meet the need of a team to play on.
  • Athletes wanting to train and develop in any sport will have weekly workouts at locations throughout Southern California. Elite Vendor Training and practice times are posted on the site of all Elite Vendors.

How much will this cost out of my child’s Education Funds?

Each student’s pathway is customized for his unique development, therefore costs will vary between seasons, sports, athleticism or specific skill focus. Most programs regardless of the sport or the season will range between $45 and $225 per month. The cost will be proportionate to the athlete’s program so the percentage of athletic programs and activities covered by Educational Funds will vary per student athlete.

What if my child isn’t the best athlete? How will they be supported?

  • Athletes are designed and built. Therefore, we want every athlete to reach the top of their game, not someone else’s!
  • We know that if a player barely makes the grade to play at the next level, there are at least 250 colleges their skill sets will match.
  • We have learned the top 10% of athletes will need little support. Attention and guidance is needed for the other 60% of student athletes who will qualify to compete after high school.

Each athlete is evaluated on his or her own benchmarks. An Agility Coach can build a customized program to meet individual needs. Proper targeted progressive training that proves advancement in skill stimulates advancement and growth. Nurturing has proven to be the most important aspect of skill development as opposed to nature. Our progressive development training is proven to work and will be supported by sport testing results as well as academic achievement.

Does my child require equipment?

Equipment will be needed for both athletic and skill development. Equipment and training aids can be purchased separately or will often be included with developmental programs. Equipment needs will be based on the commitment of the student and can vary from no equipment to substantial equipment.

Are there any teams my child can play on?

Enrichment funds can be used to participate in any sports organization. Enrichment centers located within the student’s communities serve as an additional resource to meet the need of a team to play on.