Year Round Optional Enrichment Webinar: Redefining Closeness Through the Stages

More webinar information and Zoom meeting link is on ParentSquare

Parents want to raise their kids well. They want to do right by them and create an environment where they can thrive and go out into the world with confidence, and all they need to handle the complexities of life. Most parents, though, wonder and worry about how best to treat their kids, especially teenagers. They struggle to know how to best care, support, encourage, and develop their kids. Every kid is different. On top of that, you add the demands of school, the pressures of competitive college admissions, social media, temptations to vaping, identifying their career aspirations, financial responsibility, driving, heartbreak, and the influences of friends.

Can you say challenging? We know your kids are the most important part of your life. We can help.

Workshop Addresses: As our kids get older they push against the closeness of their parents and move towards more independence. For many parents, this shift feels like disconnection and causes anxiety and friction in their relationship with their kids. The sheer volume of time we spent with our kids when they were really little is now replaced with short carpool rides between practices or late evening chats after homework is finished. How can we redefine what closeness means in terms of connection and support as our kids get older?

Workshop Content: Have continuous, honest conversations about how we’re both feeling about the amount of closeness and connections. Initiate productive conversations about how to make shifts in the relationship so that both sides are honored and needs are met. Result: Kids who feel like you understand them, and relationships that continue to grow and change throughout the years.


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