Elite students enjoy an extraordinary level of choice in academic and enrichment opportunities.

We offer families the truly unique opportunity to work with their Elite Educator to determine how their student’s designated state funds will be used. This gives families the freedom to select the curriculum and enrichment options from Elite’s high quality vendors and partners that best suit their child’s specific needs, interests and goals.

Vendors & partners

At Elite, we believe that there is no one curriculum that fits all learning styles and needs. So we partner with
vetted, high quality vendors to offer a wide variety of both traditional and digital curriculum options. And our
students have the rare opportunity to participate in and direct educational funds to Elite’s Enrichment Academies
and vendors where they can pursue their extracurricular or vocational interests.

Elite's Vendors & Partners

Educational funding facts

  • Funds must first be used for core curriculum and any related materials and necessary tutoring. Any remaining funds can then be directed to enrichment opportunities.
  • Funds do not belong to the student as an individual but rather are available for their education.
  • Families can request the purchase of approved educational materials and services through our Vendor Department.
  • Fund accounts are managed by a student’s Elite Educator who is responsible for making recommendations, evaluating and approving family requests, and ultimately ensuring state funds are spent wisely.
  • Funds must be utilized in a reasonable manner. Unusual orders will be subject to review and may be postponed or denied if deemed unnecessary.
  • Funds may only be used during the school year in which they were allotted, and do not carry over from year to year.
  • Funds are prorated after the first day of the school year.

See the Parent/Student Handbook for more details on Educational Funding