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The SOAR (Students Obtaining Advanced Resources) program at Elite Academic Academy turns academic excellence into real-world achievement. SOAR builds bridges between the strongest and most dedicated scholars and the expectations of the cutting-edge professional world, specifically designing our program for gifted and advanced students to provide them with the challenges and opportunities they need to excel.

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Critical Thinking






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SOAR empowers students to develop their social intelligence and leadership skills through hands-on, project-based learning. By inviting the expertise of leading industry professionals, students gain direct insight into the dynamic expectations of today’s world. We nurture visionary leaders who drive innovation and positively impact their communities, turning education into action and shaping the future of industries worldwide.

Summer Programs

Kindergarten - 3rd grade:

Eaglet Authors – Partnered with Student Treasures Publishing

Inventing Machines – Partnered with Digital Media Academy


Coming This Fall

English 9 A/B: Advanced Honors

Course Description: English 9: Advanced Honors is part of the SOAR Cohort, designed to equip students for future success through diverse topic exploration, deep engagement in the publication process, and advanced skill development.

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Science 6 A/B: Advanced Honors

Course Description: Honors Science 6 A/B integrates project-based learning (PBL), design thinking methodologies, and engineering design principles with scientific theory to delve into the captivating interactions between Earth’s systems, life cycles, and energy dynamics.

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Model UN 5th-8th grade

SOAR’s Model United Nations (Model UN) Club offers students a unique opportunity to step into the roles of real-world leaders to discuss and address pressing global issues.

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MOEMS (Mathematical Olympiad Elementary and Middle School)

MOEMS® (Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools) offers monthly problem-solving contests designed to engage and challenge elementary and middle school students.

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