Credit Acceleration Program

Our Acceleration program is the perfect space for students to get ahead of schedule by enrolling in ten credits worth of online A-G, NCAA-approved coursework. This is ideal for incoming 9th graders looking to get a headstart on their high school career, as well as for high-achieving 10th-12th grade students who want to extend their learning into the summer, engage in intensive high-interest courses, or earn community college credit while in high school.

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Credit Acceleration Program Offerings

  • Weekly live sessions with specialized, credentialed content teachers
  • Learning lab hours for ongoing academic support
  • Weekly advisory groups focused on social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Interactive workshops focused on helping students search for colleges, become familiar with the UC application (including Personal Insight Questions), and navigate the financial aid process.
  • Access to academic and emotional counseling resources as needed
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Virtual and in-person enrichment opportunities
  • Mailed enrichment boxes to extend student learning

Program Highlights

CTE Intro to Ukulele and Songwriting A

Students will learn the fundamentals of how to play the ukulele and Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist on ABC’s Glee, Derik Nelson’s signature method of songwriting! The course will culminate in a virtual concert hosted live by Derik to showcase each student’s original compositions. Students will leave the course with an outlet for self-expression, an understanding of the power of collaboration, and a greater sense of self-confidence.

CTE Adventure Essentials

Are you ready for an adventure and become a modern explorer? In Adventure Essentials, you will learn the key skills you need to survive and thrive in the natural world! Throughout this course, you will plan an epic excursion of your own, including your route, packing list, and food rations in one of three amazing locations across the Southwestern United States! Preparation is paramount to having a successful trip, and this course introduces you to the fundamental tools you need to ensure your adventure is fun and safe!

Intro to ESports:

The Intro to Esports course is designed to introduce students to esports. Throughout the course, students will produce digital and technology artifacts to lead to the hosting of an esports event at Elite Academic. In this course, students will gain the following skills:

  • Digital Media Design
  • Human Nutrition & Health
  • Streaming & Shoutcasting
  • Video & Audio Production
  • Business Development
  • Event Management

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