Credit Recovery Program

Our Credit Recovery program allows students to enroll in ten credits they did not successfully complete during the traditional school year. Credit Recovery students have the opportunity to retake courses in the core areas of English, math, science, world languages, and history to meet A-G and high school graduation requirements. High-demand courses like Health and VAPA electives are also available to offer students more flexibility in their schedule during the traditional school year.

Program Offerings

  • A-G, NCAA-approved core and elective course options
  • Weekly virtual live sessions with highly-qualified credentialed content teachers
  • Learning lab hours for ongoing academic support
  • Weekly advisory groups focused on social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Access to academic and emotional counseling resources as needed
  • Virtual and in-person enrichment opportunities
  • Mailed enrichment boxes to extend student learning

Program Highlights

Choose your own adventure with our specialized English 9 pathways allowing for choice and voice while developing your English language competencies and building academic confidence. Wizard’s Quest, Around the World in 36 Days, and Slam Dunks & Aces – which will you choose?

English 9 wizard's quest.
English 9 around the world in 36 days.
English 9 slam dunks and aces.

Build meaningful connections and community with your Virtual Teacher of Record and peers through Weekly Advisory sessions!