Elite Educators (teachers) are committed to excellence:

Highly qualified

Believe in their students’ ability to learn

Committed to providing a superior independent study program

Join The Elite Team

The Elite team is dedicated to our mission of transforming independent study in public education so ALL students graduate well prepared for the 21st century.

Our faculty and staff are passionate about providing an exceptional education to all students regardless of their race, income or special needs. They are committed to creating a school atmosphere of high academic rigor with a culture of learning and respect.

Academy Leaders

Mrs. Carol McIntosh

Mrs. Carol McIntosh

Director of Homeschool

Mr. Evan Jorgensen

Director of Virtual Academy

Mrs. Monique Waithe

Director of Flex Academy

Curriculum Leaders

Enrichment Leaders

Mrs. Ashlea Kirkland Haynes M.Ed.

Mrs. Ashlea Kirkland Haynes M.Ed.

Director of Career Technical Education (CTE)

Dr. Laura Spencer

Director of Academic Innovation

Mrs. Karen Makkai

Mrs. Karen Makkai

Director of Year Round Education & At Promise

Amy Ciceri


Mr. Andy Allanson

Mr. Andy Allanson

Athletic Lead


Business and Operations Leaders

Mr. Salvador Becerra

Mr. Salvador Becerra

Lead Counselor

Teresa Schaffer

Ms. Teresa Schaffer

Director of Business

Mrs. Antonette Sims

Mrs. Antonette Sims

Director of Growth and Development