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#BeElite Podcast Club

Grades TK-12

The #BeElite Podcast was created to shine the spotlight on the Elite Academic Academy students and their talents. Students interview guests on a regular basis and upload episodes to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. Students learn first-hand the behind the scenes skills of a Podcast such as editing, creating taglines, intro and exit music, and preparing interview questions. Students also learn and practice communication skills by conducting  interviews, marketing podcats and promoting their podcast!

Interested in joining?
Contact Mr. Smith at [email protected]


There are so many different roles in the #BeElitePodcast Club! Some of these roles include:

  • Interviewers: Conduct interviews, develop and ask questions, etc.
  • Graphic Design: Create artwork needed for media channels for podcast- like an album cover
  • Film Editing: Edit videos, add music and graphics as needed.
  • Social Media Marketing: Place and promote episodes, learn best practices, etc.

Students brainstorm the topics, creating an underlining theme for each month’s podcast episodes. Student interests drive the Podcast episodes and students are able to express their opinions, thoughts, and knowledge during the episodes. Students also have the ability to practice real work industry skills while involved in the Be Elite Podcast!

For more information, contact Podcast Advisor Mr. Smith at [email protected].

podcast example

Meet Nolan Smith, Elite’s Marketing Instructor

Nolan Smith is the Marketing Instructor for Elite Academic Academy’s CTE Marketing pathway. Smith has worked in marketing and public relations for over 10 years, working in a variety of industry sectors: from education, healthcare, utilities, pop culture and more. A longtime reporter, Smith has worked on both sides of public relations, having worked with a number of print and online publications. Smith has worked in a charter school setting since 2002, working with schools across Southern California. He holds an AA degree in Liberal Arts, a BA degree in Creative Writing and a CTE credential in Marketing and Arts/Entertainment.

Quest Crew Club

Grades TK-12

Do you love nature and adventure? Check out our Quest Crew Club. Students in the Quest Crew participate in webinars, nature hikes, surfing, sailing, scavenger hunts, travel opportunities partnered with EF Tours, and other fun outdoor activities! Students are able to explore the beauty of nature while experiencing fresh air, sunshine, snow, exercise, and socialization!

Interested in joining?
Contact Mr. Olson at [email protected]


Pathway: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation. 

The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation pathway integrates various facets of the hospitality industry: lodging, travel, and tourism; event planning; theme parks, attractions, and exhibitions; and recreation. Students engaged in this pathway have broad experiences related to the specific industry segments, including industry awareness; organizational management; customer service; sales and marketing; facilities management; lodging; travel destinations; and reservations, ticketing, and itineraries.

The Adventure courses offers students the unique opportunity to take elective courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements, while still allowing students to meet A-G course requirements for college. This means that students not only will have a high school transcript ready for college applications, but also the REAL WORLD experiences, certifications, internships, and applications needed for college and career. By combining academics with Career Technical Education courses, students meet  college and career readiness!

Sample occupations associated with this pathway: 

  • Guest Services Agent 
  • Director of Conference Services 
  • Certified Meeting/Event Planner 
  • Eco-tourism Director
  • Sailing Captain or Crew – Charters/Day-sails
  • Hiking/Adventure/Mountaineering Guide
  • Action Sports Instructor
  • International Travel Tour Guide 
  • Search and Rescue/Wilderness Responder
  • Action Sports Photographer/Videographer
  • EMT
  • National Parks Ranger
  • Tourism Coordinator

Born in the Cascade Mountains and raised in the Rockies, I’ve spent most of my time in the great outdoors. I have over 10 years of outdoor education experience that has stretched from captaining sailboats to spelunking. As a youth, I earned my Eagle Scout and set out to travel the ‘Backbone of the World’, so far visiting every country from Alaska to the equator and climbing many mountains along the way.  My career focus has been primarily on adventure sports, such as windsurfing to backcountry skiing, with emphasis towards designing gear and developing tools necessary to endure the elements. I currently hold a Career Technical Education CTE Credential in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation, and look forward to teaching Elite students to be college and career ready! I strive to instill a sense of respect, leadership and understanding in youth through meaningful and educational experiences.

What field trip opportunities, besides long trips, are available to students?

Some include:

I’ve never been camping, but interested. Will I be behind other students?

Regardless of your skillset, we will get you up to speed and give you the information and knowledge to run with the rest of the pack. Besides, outdoor recreation is so much more than camping! We strive to expose students to a variety of outdoor experiences and encourage independent growth in the disciplines that students show an aptitude.

I don’t have much gear, if any. How will I get the appropriate tools and resources to participate in activities?

Building your quiver of equipment takes time and resources, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the outdoors. We strive to make the outdoors accessible to everyone and focus on outings that don’t require families to spend excessive amounts of money. We have partnered with outdoor manufacturers to offer top-notch gear at affordable prices so you can start building a gear-bank. However, hygiene is very important and we suggest that you outfit yourself with a few items that are best kept to yourself: clothing, sleeping bags, personal care products, cutlery and dinner/cookware.

The ArtSeen Club

Grades 3-12

The Art Seen Club is a peer-social group providing positive opportunities for students to connect with peers in fun and meaningful ways through equitable and diverse activities related to the arts. Ultimately, this club will encourage students to discover authentic ways to express themselves and participate by stepping into real-life roles that add intrinsic value and purpose to their lives.

Interested in joining?
Contact Mrs. Ciceri at
[email protected] or 866-354-8302 ext. 708.


The Core Us Club

Grades 3-12

The main purpose of this new social club will be to connect diverse students in fun and meaningful ways through the positive power of music and expression. Peers will have opportunities to listen to each other and share stories that add significant value to the songs we will sing together. Students will be divided into 3 age groups: 3-5th grades, 6-8th grades and 9-12th grades.

Interested in joining?
Contact Mrs. Ciceri at
[email protected] or 866-354-8302 ext. 708.


The Equestrian Club

Grades 3-12

Become a part of Elite’s Equestrian Team! We have partnered with Equestrian Facilities to provide students with a low cost time and area to train! The team meets monthly via Zoom to discuss their training, give updates on how their competitions went, and give each other tips on riding! Whether you are a first-time rider or have lots of experience, take advantage of this opportunity!

Interested in joining?
Coach Andy at [email protected] to join the team and he will work with you to get set up at the facility nearest you.


The Golf Club

Grades 3-12

For current Elite Golfers and anyone Interested in learning about Elite Golf! Coach Andy will be reviewing the components of Elite Golf, and team members will get to recap their golf experience over the last month with fellow team members. 

Interested in joining?
Coach Andy at [email protected] to join the team and he will work with you to get set up at the facility nearest you.


The Ambassadors of Kindness

Grades k-12

The Kindness club is a group of Elite students and staff that get together to make a difference in their community and have fun! They are all about spreading kindness through small connections and charitable initiatives. They also have a lunch bunch program to meet and connect with other Elite students!

Interested in joining?
Kindness Club at [email protected] to join the our Elite Ambassadors of Kindness

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