Elite Virtual Academy students thrive in an environment of structured flexibility, individualized support and exciting online coursework.

Elite Virtual Academy is for the self-motivated student in grades 6-12 who enjoys working independently. Students who choose this model have the flexibility to complete their 100% online courses at the place and time of their choice while enjoying ample support from highly qualified instructors and caring counselors. A partnership with StrongMind ensures the highest quality digital curriculum that is rigorous, engaging and aligned to California Common Core State Standards.

EVA is ideal for today’s independent learners:

  • Competitive athletes
  • Housebound students
  • Prefer learning from home

  • Musicians and performing artists
  • Working students
  • Behind or want to get ahead

A Day in the Life of an Elite Virtual Student

A Virtual Academy student enjoys flexibility and keeping a healthy balance between learning and pursuing extra curricular activities, such as sports. Whether you’re an early eagle or a nighthawk, you can complete your online coursework at the time and place that works best for you.

Here are some examples:

Our Curriculum

Elite partners with StrongMind to deliver the highest quality digital curriculum available. Its award-winning coursework is rigorous, engaging and packed with exciting and relevant multimedia elements designed to engage students for improved learning, mastery and retention.

Want to prepare for a career while you’re in high school? At EVA, students can take career courses that deliver real world insights and information about a profession. These courses are taught by experienced industry professionals and offer students hand-on experience.

Examples of Elite’s Career Electives

  • Visual and Performing Arts Pathway
  • Marketing Pathway
  • Recreation Pathway
  • Public Service Pathway


Assessments help parents and educators determine student growth. See the current assessments required for EVA students.

Elite virtual students enjoy a superior level of flexibility, choice and support.

The Elite Educator is the parent’s/legal guardian’s primary contact for their student’s educational needs. The Elite Educator will: 

  • Oversee student progress and engagement in virtual courses to support academic and success of all students, and coordinate academic interventions if needed
  • Document student learning through assessment data and compliance portfolios
  • Provide assistance or training as needed for families regarding educational online resources offered by the school.
  • Work together with Elite’s school counselor to ensure academic, emotional, and social progress is being made by each student. 

Elite Content Teachers are responsible for providing content lessons within the virtual courses to ensure academic success. They will:

  • Communicate with students in the course Learning Management System
  • Provide timely assignment feedback
  • Hold Office Hours for academic support
  • Teach weekly lessons to support virtual course content.

Parent support is vital in ensuring student success and is supported by a credentialed Teacher Team. To ensure student academic, emotional, and social growth, it is vital the parent takes interest in their student’s education. As an Elite Parent, it is vital that parents/guardians: 

  • Provide students with a place to complete their daily assignments
  • Have students attend and complete all mandated school assessments. 
  • Ensure the student connects with their Elite Educator and Content Teacher to support the student’s success
  • Attend IEP or 504 meetings, if applicable.

Elite Virtual students primary roles are: 

  •  Log-in to their Virtual Learning Management System daily and complete assigned work
  • Participate in 4-6 hours of educational activities per day in accordance with their individualized learning plan.
  • Meet weekly with their Teacher of Record for Individualized Academic Support.
  • Attend weekly lessons with their Content Teachers
  • Attend live office hours and tutoring if applicable. 
  • Check their emails daily, and respond to course messages.
  • High School students needing credit recovery or wanting credit acceleration

Enjoy a personalized education with an academy that meets your learning needs and an enrichment program that allows you to pursue your passion.

Mr. Scott Michaelson
Director of Virtual Academy
[email protected]

Mrs. Allison Watters
Assistant Director of Virtual Academy
[email protected]

Katie Pollock

Cristina Planchon

Melvin Thomas

Regina Rivero

Ashly Steele

Kate Curtis

Amberlee Potrero

Vanessa Vosburg

Kristylyn Baker

Sheryl Hutchins

Crystal Casey

Cicely Mallett
High School Science

Matthew Martin
High School Science

Danielle Gregus
High School Social Science

George Baran
Middle School Social Science

Patrick Navas
Spanish Teacher

Christina Planchon
Elective, PE, Health Teacher

Sean Bunn
Middle School Math/Algebra

Sara Zitney
High School English

Ashly Steele
Middle School Language Arts

Aimee Moore
High School Mathematics

Tom Olson 
Recreation Pathways

Nolan Smith
Marketing Pathway

Rebecca Smith
American Sign Language-Education Pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

Elite is 100% tuition FREE! In fact, students are allotted instructional monies for their curriculum and the leftover monies can be spent with our elite vendors for tutoring, extracurricular activities, lessons, etc.  Students in grades 6-12 who live in the following counties can enroll in Elite Virtual Academy:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • Inyo
  • Kern County
  • Imperial County
  • San Diego

Yes, a student is able to recover credits for courses he/she has previously withdrawn from or earned a D/F.

Absolutely! We have Special Education credentialed teachers to ensure the IEP plan is being followed or revised for student success.

Of course! We celebrate diversity at EVA and provide an enormous amount of support for our students. Our teachers are highly qualified and credentialed with English Language support authorizations.

ParentSquare, our communication platform for Elite Families, houses all of our clubs and events! Students and Parents can easily log on, view clubs and club events, and join as they wish. Their teacher will be a great resource to get them involved in the enrichment activities provided to them through Elite. Each student club is hosted by both a student and staff member. Our clubs include KPop, Podcast, Rad Readers, Creative Writing, Anime and Comic Book, Golf, Equestrian, CreativeSpace, and so much more!

Yes! Students deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. Graduations are held at the end of each school year at various venues. We encourage our students and their families to attend the graduation ceremony to celebrate the hard work of their Elite graduate.

Offering our students access to high-quality materials and services is a top priority at Elite.  To that end, we strive to offer common core aligned quality materials and services in all geographic areas that we serve.

The Virtual Academy courses are completely online. Students that are dually enrolled with a community college may have print curriculum through their community college courses.