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Elite Academic Academy &

Downey Unified

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Elite Academic Academy’s Virtual Academy is excited to partner with Downey Unified School District to create an exceptional opportunity for students to flourish in an environment that combines structured flexibility, personalized support, and captivating online coursework.

For students in grades 6-12 joining our Elite Virtual Academy model, students gain the freedom to complete their courses entirely online, at a time and place of their choosing, while receiving live instruction from highly-qualified credentialed teachers, accountability, and support from their highly-qualified credentialed Teacher of Record, and academic and social-emotional support from our caring counselors. Our courses provide a top-tier digital curriculum that not only adheres to the rigorous standards of the California Common Core Standards but also fosters engagement and intellectual growth. 

At the Elite Virtual Academy, we celebrate and support the unique aspirations and circumstances of each student, empowering them to excel academically while embracing their personal endeavors.

Program Highlights: 

A-G, NCAA-approved core and elective course options

Weekly virtual live sessions with highly-qualified credentialed content teachers

Learning lab hours for ongoing academic support

Weekly advisory groups focused on social-emotional learning (SEL)

Access to academic and emotional counseling resources as needed

Virtual and in-person enrichment opportunities

Extracurricular opportunities 

Vast Club opportunities 

Engaging elective course options 

Career Technical Education Pathway Offerings 

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Crystal Casey

Interim Director of Virtual Academy

[email protected]

Elite virtual students enjoy a superior level of flexibility, choice and support.

The Elite Educator is the parent’s/legal guardian’s primary contact for their student’s educational needs. The Elite Educator will: 

  • Oversee student progress and engagement in virtual courses to support academic and success of all students, and coordinate academic interventions if needed
  • Document student learning through assessment data and compliance portfolios
  • Provide assistance or training as needed for families regarding educational online resources offered by the school.
  • Work together with Elite’s school counselor to ensure academic, emotional, and social progress is being made by each student. 

Elite Content Teachers are responsible for providing content lessons within the virtual courses to ensure academic success. They will:

  • Communicate with students in the course Learning Management System
  • Provide timely assignment feedback
  • Hold Office Hours for academic support
  • Teach weekly lessons to support virtual course content.

Parent support is vital in ensuring student success and is supported by a credentialed Teacher Team. To ensure student academic, emotional, and social growth, it is vital the parent takes interest in their student’s education. As an Elite Parent, it is vital that parents/guardians: 

  • Provide students with a place to complete their daily assignments
  • Have students attend and complete all mandated school assessments. 
  • Ensure the student connects with their Elite Educator and Content Teacher to support the student’s success
  • Attend IEP or 504 meetings, if applicable.

Elite Virtual students primary roles are: 

  •  Log-in to their Virtual Learning Management System daily and complete assigned work
  • Participate in 4-6 hours of educational activities per day in accordance with their individualized learning plan.
  • Meet weekly with their Teacher of Record for Individualized Academic Support.
  • Attend weekly lessons with their Content Teachers
  • Attend live office hours and tutoring if applicable. 
  • Check their emails daily, and respond to course messages.
  • High School students needing credit recovery or wanting credit acceleration