A premier hybrid education offering online and offline curriculum options with intensive teacher support. An independent study program option for students who need flexibility, structure, and support to succeed. 

Elite Flex Academy (EFA) uses a hybrid learning model so students can enjoy a flexible and creative learning environment. Hybrid learning at EFA is a blend of both virtual and offline independent study programs for students who need more hands-on support to ensure success in school. Elite Flex students can customize their education experience both online and/or offline curriculum options.

Students also have the opportunity to meet with their Elite Educator in person if proximity permits. This is usually at an Elite field trip or designated public location that’s approved by their educator.

Flex Academy provides structured flexibility with intensive support. Flex students enjoy weekly virtual instructional meetings with their Elite Educator and individualized pacing guides to support them with their daily activities.

  • Students are able to choose between offline, online, or a combination of both offline and online curriculum options.
  • Students are given a pacing guide to support them in organizing and creating their school work routines.
  • Students are required to complete work daily and submit work weekly to their Elite Educator.
  • The Elite Educator grades all submitted work and supports students with understanding key concepts.
  • Students are required to connect with their Elite Educator at least twice a week and are encouraged to participate in group conversations, Elite virtual webinars, field trips, and workshops.
  • Parents are responsible for keeping their students accountable for completing work daily. Elite Educators support parents along the way.

The Daily Schedule of an Elite Flex Academy Student

An Elite Flex Academy student enjoys flexibility and keeping a healthy balance between learning and pursuing extracurricular activities. The sky’s the limit with blended learning at Elite Flex Academy! Here are examples of a daily schedule and offline/online pacing guide.

TK-5 Sample Pacing Guide

Middle School Sample Pacing Guide


Our Curriculum

EFA offers a variety of top-quality virtual and traditional curriculum options to ensure an enjoyable and successful academic experience for each student. In addition to core courses, students can participate in hands-on electives like yoga, CTE drawing, CTE painting, and physical fitness.

Canvas Curriculum (K-8) 

  • Elite partners with Accelerate Education to provide online Language Arts and Math options for K-5. Students are given workbooks in addition to their online coursework to provide a blended learning experience.
  • Elite content teachers create middle school courses that are specifically designed to support Flex students in the blended learning model. Students complete and submit work online. Some courses offer a workbook supplement and hands-on learning opportunities for students that need a blend of offline and online support. Students participate in weekly instructional meetings with their content teacher where they have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions and collaborate with their peers in a safe academic environment.
  • In addition to this, Elite partners with StrongMind to deliver the highest middle school quality digital curriculum available. Its award-winning coursework is rigorous, engaging and packed with exciting and relevant multimedia elements designed to engage students for improved learning, mastery, and retention.

EFA students have access to dozens of traditional and flexible curriculum offered and options that encompass workbooks, project-based assignments, packets and more. Teachers work with their student to determine the most appropriate curriculum to ensure academic success and to develop supplemental coursework to help students who are behind academically catch up to their grade level.


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With blended learning, Elite Flex students enjoy a superior level of flexibility, choice and support.

The Elite Educator partners with the parent to ensure that all academic needs are met. The Elite Educator:

  • Chooses an appropriate curriculum based on the individual needs of the student.
  • Suggests various resources to help meet a student’s needs or learning style.
  • Oversee student progress and engagement in virtual courses to support academic progress and success of all students, and coordinate academic interventions if needed.
  • Document student learning through assessment data and compliance portfolios.
  • Provide weekly virtual synchronous sessions.
  • Provide assistance or training as needed for families regarding educational online resources offered by the school.
  • Work together with Elite’s school counselor to ensure academic, emotional, and social progress is being made by each student.

Elite Content Teachers are responsible for overseeing virtual courses and monitoring student progress to ensure academic success. They will:

  • Communicate with students in the course LMS.
  • Provide timely assignment feedback.
  • Hold live instructional hours and weekly lessons
  • Provide opportunities for course collaboration and discussion with their peers.
  • Hold small group support sessions.
  • Grade all assignments, projects, and assessments.

The Parent’s Primary Role in the Flex Academy is to support the Credentialed Elite Educator. They do this by:

  • Ensuring students are working daily on their coursework.
  • Supporting students to complete and understand daily coursework.
  • Uploading student work when applicable.
  • Having students attend and complete all mandated school assessments.
  • Ensuring that the student connects with their Elite Educator weekly to support the student’s success.
  • Assisting students in creating a comprehensive academic plan and overseeing progress towards that plan.
  • Making sure the student attends mandatory live and/or tutoring sessions if applicable.

The role of a student at Elite Flex Academy is to:

  • Complete coursework daily.
  • Complete mandated school assessments.
  • Attend weekly meetings with Elite Educator. 
  • Attend tutoring sessions and intervention programs when applicable.
  • Participate in class and group discussions when applicable. 

Enjoy a personalized education with an academy that meets your learning needs and an enrichment program that allows you to pursue your passion.

Monique Waithe
Flex Academy Director 

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866-354-8302 ext.720

Ashley Davis
Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

John Kissinger
Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Flex Elite Educator

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Lead Teacher

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Lead Teacher

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Lead Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible learning is a principle of practice in formal education, concerned with increasing flexibility in the time and location of study, teaching, assessment and certification.

EFA is a flexible educational method that can combine online curriculum with traditional classroom methods of tutoring, personalized instruction, and small group work. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace. This means that students can work at their own pace rather than the pace of their peers.

You will meet with your Elite Educator at least once a week. However, we have California Credentialed teachers and tutors available to meet with you as often as three times a week to help with any of your classes. You are not alone, and we will offer you the support you may need.

No, your courses do not have to be online. One of the many great benefits of EFA is the flexibility and variety of curriculum that we offer.  We offer textbooks, packets, projects, virtual learning and hands on experiences to complete your courses.

At EFA we believe all students learn differently.  The Elite educator, student and parents are a team and work together to determine what curriculum will work best for each student and their class.

Many of our courses involve considering career choices.  Your assigned Elite educator and support teachers will have many discussions about career options.  When in high school you will also have the opportunity to participate in Career Technical Courses, College and Career Readiness Courses, and WIOA centers to help develop a career path that suits you. You may also participate in workshops to prepare for job interviews, create resumes, practice phone and email etiquette, and develop presentation skills.

Absolutely, many of our high school students work while attending school.  You can complete your class work at your own pace.  The student and Elite educator work together to determine a schedule that best suits your needs.

EFA is 100% tuition FREE! We even offer instructional funds. K-8 students can enroll in the following counties:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • Inyo
  • Kern County
  • Imperial County
  • San Diego

Yes, EFA does offer instructional funds for students who are making progress in their courses. The funds are to be used to enrich an EFA students educational experience. A student and Elite educator will work together in choosing the right high quality Elite vendors that work best for the students’ needs.

Yes, a student is able to recover credits for courses he/she has previously withdrawn from or earned a D/F.

Of course! We celebrate diversity at EFA and provide an enormous amount of support for our students. Our teachers are highly-qualified California credentialed teachers with English Language support authorizations.

Yes! Elite Flex Academy students deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. Graduations are held at the end of each school year at various venues. We encourage our students and their families to attend the graduation ceremony to celebrate hard work of each Elite student.

The documentation needed to enroll in EFA are the same requirements as any other school. EFA registrar will need the following documents to enroll a student.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residency
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • IEP or 504 documents (if applicable)

Absolutely! EFA has Special Education credentialed teachers to ensure the IEP and 504 plan is being followed or revised for student success. Elite Educators are well versed in working with students who have 504 plans.  They know that all students learn differently and are able to help Elite students meet their full potential.

The Common Core standards are not based upon specific curriculum, but more so centralized around higher level understanding and critical thinking. Our educational philosophy aligns directly with the four C’s of Common Core that are currently being implemented: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication. For more information about the Common Core Standards please contact your Elite Educator.

We offer a wide variety of field trips throughout the year in order to enrich the educational experience. Some of our official field trips include science centers, theatre, farms, museums, gems & minerals exhibits, hikes, historical reenactments, and so much more!

Offering our students access to high-quality materials and services is a top priority at Elite.  To that end, we strive to offer common core aligned quality materials and services in all geographic areas that we serve. Parents can easily search and view our options here.