The Elite team is dedicated to our mission of transforming independent study in public education so ALL students graduate well prepared for the 21st century.

Highly qualified

Committed to providing a superior independent study program

Believe in their students’ ability to learn

Our faculty and staff are passionate about providing an exceptional education to all students regardless of their race, income or special needs. They are committed to creating a school atmosphere of high academic rigor with a culture of learning and respect.

Academic Leaders

Mrs. Ashlea Kirkland Haynes, M.Ed.

Chief Student Development Officer

Dr. Laura Spencer

Chief Academic Innovation Officer

Academy Directors

Mr. Evan Jorgensen

Director of Homeschool Academy

Mr. Scott Michaelson

Director of Virtual Academy

Mrs. Monique Waithe

Director of Flex Academy

Student Support Team

Mrs. Karen Makkai

At Promise Director

Mrs. Antonette Sims

Director of Assessment

Marisa Thompson

Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Citlalli Ramirez

School Counselor

Ms. Nicole Lively

Lead Counselor

Enrichment Leaders

Mr. Andy Allanson

Athletic Lead

Tom Olson

Adventure Lead

Nolan Smith

Digital Marketing Lead

Community Relations

Ms. Teresa Schaffer

Director of Community Relations

Special Education Leaders

Jennifer Edick

Special Education Coordinator


Michonne Taylor

Special Education Administrative Assistant

Athletics Department 8377
Business Dept. [email protected] 4334
Community Relations Dept. [email protected] 3602
Counseling Dept. 3721
Enrollment/Admissions Department [email protected] 8419
Flex Academy [email protected] 5110
Virtual Academy [email protected] 9581
IT Department 866
Homeschool Academy [email protected] 7886
Human Resources Dept. [email protected] 4866
Special Education Dept. [email protected] 9902
Virtual Academy [email protected] 9581
Enrollment/Admissions Department [email protected] 8419
Business Dept. [email protected] 4334
Human Resources Dept. [email protected] 4866
Homeschool Academy [email protected] 7886
Virtual Academy [email protected] 9581
Flex Academy [email protected] 5110
Community Relations Dept. [email protected] 3602
Counseling Dept. 3721
Visual & Performing Arts Academy 9
Athletics Department 8377
Additional Departments List *
Additional Departments List IT Department 866
Additional Departments List SPED [email protected] 9902
Additional Departments List Assessment/Innovation [email protected] 8510
Summer Alexander [email protected] 747
Andy Allanson [email protected] 765
Kiley Allen [email protected] 740
Gena Altamirano [email protected] 752
Shirley Alvarez [email protected] 774
Jamie Arpin [email protected] 764
Kristylyn Baker [email protected] 765
George Baran [email protected] 766
Rebecca Benson [email protected] 786
Amanda Bobczynski [email protected] 718
Shaun Bunn [email protected] 751
Erin Burhans [email protected] 754
Crystal Casey [email protected] 777
Jenny Chambers [email protected] 778
Adam Chiles [email protected] 779
Stef Ciccarelli [email protected] 780
Kylee Cleveland [email protected] 800
Samantha Clifford [email protected] 775
Sarah Critchfield [email protected] 705
Kate Curtis [email protected] 706
Sarah Damianos [email protected] 725
Ashley Davis [email protected] 726
Shelley Diaz [email protected] 727
Kira Donaldson [email protected] 728
Jennifer Edick [email protected] 762
Paige Emm [email protected] 763
Melissa Figueroa [email protected] 764
Teresa Fleming [email protected] 765
Rachel Gonzalez [email protected] 797
Kath Gray [email protected] 721
Nathan Gray [email protected] 722
Danielle Gregus [email protected] 716
Tracy Hasper [email protected] 717
Adam Hasper [email protected] 776
Michelle Hedge [email protected] 741
Sam Heredia [email protected] 772
Vincent Heredia [email protected] 773
Catherine Heredia [email protected] 701
Michelle Hilton [email protected] 753
Sheryl Hutchins [email protected] 761
Nolan Hutton [email protected] 762
Sarah Jaquette [email protected] 729
Evan Jorgensen [email protected] 724
Jean Kim [email protected] 725
Ashlea Kirkland [email protected] 705
John Kissinger [email protected]eacademic.com 706
Nicole Lively [email protected] 755
Chad Lumanlan [email protected] 824
Shawna Macdonald [email protected] 750
Maria Mack [email protected] 827
Karen Makkai [email protected] 828
Cicely Mallett [email protected] 733
Judalon Manes [email protected] 714
Rachelle Marcon [email protected] 739
Matthew Martin [email protected] 740
Kristine Mason [email protected] 719
Maggie Mathias [email protected] 728
Scott Michaelson [email protected] 756
Aimee Moore [email protected] 743
Yolanda Myers [email protected] 734
Patrick Navas [email protected] 732
Sarah O’Connor [email protected] 733
Tom Olson [email protected] 768
Danielle Osmond [email protected] 770
Ayme Pankratz [email protected] 771
Diana Parros [email protected] 758
Alexa Paul [email protected] 759
Laurie Pettay [email protected] 781
Cristina Planchon [email protected] 731
Katie Pollock [email protected] 788
Amberlee Potrero [email protected] 713
Tamara Radford [email protected] 769
Catheryn Reardon [email protected] 736
Carrie Richardson [email protected] 766
Regina Rivero [email protected] 767
Diana Robinson [email protected] 763
Cecilia Rodriguez [email protected] 759
Teresa Schaffer [email protected] 702
Eric Shirley [email protected] 717
Antonette Sims [email protected] 722
Dianna Singas [email protected] 760
Sandy Skal-Gerlock [email protected] 748
Nolan Smith [email protected] 757
Laura Spencer [email protected] 745
Ashly Steele [email protected] 738
Michonne Taylor [email protected] 771
Melvin Thomas [email protected] 767
Jaclyn Thomas [email protected] 783
Maria Thompson [email protected] 708
Natasha Vasquez-Tsalyuk [email protected] 784
Tami Viveros [email protected] 785
Vanessa Vosburg [email protected] 742
Monique Waithe [email protected] 720
Christopher Waithe [email protected] 744
Allison Watters [email protected] 749
Jacinta Weitz [email protected] 750
Michelle Wood [email protected] 723
Adam Woodard [email protected] 735
Chelsie Wright [email protected] 736
Valerie Zamora [email protected] 737
Danielle Zankich [email protected] 787
Sara Zitney [email protected] 746