CTE is a fantastic approach to learning that provides technical skill proficiency, an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or a degree and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes students’ academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, attitudes toward work, general employability skills, technical skills, occupation-specific skills, and knowledge of all aspects of the industry including entrepreneurship.

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Elite CTE Students Experience and Learn:

  • Cover Letter Writing, Resume Writing, & Portfolio Building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Industry based field trips
  • Internships
  • College Tours
  • Guest Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Apprenticeships
  • Industry Certificates
  • Exploration of Careers

These standards are integrated into every CTE course and classroom and describe the fundamental knowledge and skills that a career-ready student needs in order to prepare for the transition to postsecondary education, career training, or the workforce.

Speak with your Elite Educator for specific courses currently offered.

Standards for Career Ready Practice

  • Apply appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge.
  • Communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason.
  • Develop an education and career plan aligned with personal goals.
  • Apply technology to enhance productivity.
  • Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Practice personal health and understand financial literacy.
  • Act as a responsible citizen of the workplace and community.
  • Model integrity, ethical leadership, and effective management.
  • Work productively in teams while integrating cultural and global competence.
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation.
  • Employ valid and reliable research strategies.
  • Understand the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions

Pathways Currently Offered at Elite for Students in Grades 9-12

Marketing Pathway

Sector: Sales, Marketing, & Service

Marketing Pathway Using both creative and systems processes, develop marketing concepts and principles and their practical application in marketing and management. Subject matter includes market research, economics, marketing budgets, creative development and design, and marketing foundations/ functions with an emphasis on public relations, advertising, branding, promotion, product/service management, pricing, and distribution. Specialized programs of study in this field may include sports marketing, hospitality marketing, advertising or market research. Students in the Marketing, Sales, and Service sector is designed to align coursework and opportunities to current and projected career paths.

Since marketing and innovation are two major competitive aspects of business today, this pathway will allow students to have hands-on experience to learn various functions of today’s businesses and the rapid changing of technology and economy. This pathway offers a firm foundation for advanced education, entry into a career, and success in the global marketplace.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Media and Communication A Media and Communication B Digital Marketing: Yearbook A Digital Marketing: Yearbook B

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
Facebooks Marketing Badge, Canva Digital Design Badge, Skills USA membership and competitions, Adobe

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway (Adventure Academy)

Sector: Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation pathway integrates various facets of the hospitality industry: lodging, travel, and tourism; event planning; theme parks, attractions, and exhibitions; and recreation. Students engaged in this pathway have broad experiences related to the specific industry segments, including: industry awareness; organizational management; customer service; sales and marketing; facilities management; lodging; travel destinations; and reservations, ticketing, and itineraries.

This pathway particularily focuses on outdoor recreation and students have the opportunity to complete the Boat License exam, First Aid, and CPR certifications.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Introduction to Surfing A Boating Careers A Mechanics of Surfing A Coastal Preparedness A

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
CPR, First Aid, Wilderness, CA Boat License


Software and Systems Development

Sector: Information & Communication Technologies

The Software and Systems pathway is offered to students interested in learning the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and management of drones. Students will complete the pathway with the opportunity to take the FFA Drone Pilot license certification exam.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Drones: Remote Pilot A Drone Voyager A (Course Development 22/23 offering) (Course Development 22/23 offering)

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
FAA Drone Pilot License


Sector: Education, Child Development, & Family Services

The Education pathway is designed to prepare students for professional or learning support positions in the K-12 education setting. Students will learn about human development, standards, learning theories, and instruction. Students will finish the pathway with a capstone project and an internship where they will have hand-on experience, earn micro-badges, and complete a CPR and First AId Certification.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Early Childhood Education 1A or ASL 1A Early Childhood Education 1B or ASL 1B Instructional Design for Education and Tutoring A (Developing 21/22) Instructional Design: Capstone Project (Developing 21/22)

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
Micro Credentials/Digital Badges, CPR, First Aid

Public Safety

Sector: Public Services

The Public Service pathway prepares students for a variety of careers in public safety such as Border Patrol, Fire, and Police work. Students also have the opportunity to take Community College or Online courses to earn their Guard Card for public or private security jobs.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Careers in Criminal Justice 1A Careers in Criminal Justice 1B Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead A Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead)

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
CPR/First Aid/First Responder/ Security Guard Card

Patient Care (Sports Medicine)

Sector: Health Science & Medical Technology

The Sports Medicine pathway is designed to introduce students to the careers in Sports Medicine. This pathway is great for students who have an interest in helping people through personal fitness or athletic training.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Performance Nutrition (Course Development 21/22 Spring offering) Finish pathway in High School Finish pathway in High School

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
CPR, First Aid, Job Shadowing, Internship

Residential and Commercial Construction

Sector: Building and Construction Trades

The Residential and Commercial Construction pathway provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in construction and building design, performance, and sustainability. The standards focus on the manner in which residential and commercial structures are designed and built. The pathway includes instruction in the way in which these structures are built.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Construction: Fundamentals and Careers A LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE A (Course Development 22/23 offering) (Course Development 22/23 offering)

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
CPR, First Aid, Job Shadowing, Internship, OSHA 10 certifications


Sector: Marketing, Sales, & Service

The Product Innovation and Design pathway provides students with an understanding of the design and manufacturing technologies common to careers in the fields of product design and manufacturing. Representative topics include the product design and development process, the principles of design, computer-aided design, fabrication and manufacturing processes, sustainability, and the principles of business, entrepreneurship, and global design. Students can also learn computer-aided manufacturing.


Semester 1: Concentration Semester 2: Concentration Semester 3: Capstone Semester 4: Capstone
Startups and Innovation A Wearable Technology Innovation A Entrepreneurship & Small Business A Senior Project-Entrepreneurship (Course Development 22/23 offering)

Certifications/Industry Training Opportunities:
Internship, First Aid, CPR, Digital Badges

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Students can meet these standards while taking Adventure CTE courses and also gain relevant industry experience! Stay tuned as Elite will be offering integrated CTE/Core academics as well!

Examples of Industry Certifications students can earn while completing their High School Diploma:

WFR – Wilderness First Responder

A week-long course designed to teach essential wilderness medicine and to administer care in a wilderness environment. Certification lasts 3 years.

WFA – Wilderness First Aid

Typically used as a stepping stone for the WFR, this first aid training teaches how to treat common wilderness injuries. Certification lasts 2 years.

CPR/AED- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & Automated Electronic Defibrillator

Standard procedure for resuscitation and use of an AED.

ASA Small Boat Sailing License 

An in-depth course designed to prepare skippers to single and double-hand small dinghies.

Challenge Course Certification – Level 1

Practitioner certification to lead groups through low-risk challenge course features.

Students have two opportunities during the first learning period of our Year Round program:

LifeSail – Sailing Community Partnership _See Our Year Round Track Option under the “Academics” tab!
Freedom Surf – Surfing Community Partnership  _See Our Year Round Track Option under the “Academics” tab!

The Adventure Academy’s focus is to create a sense of purpose in the outdoor community and prepare you with the skills that employers in the outdoor industry desire. Continuing your education and refining your specialization will only increase your opportunities for employment and progression. Not to mention, we have a lot of fun!

  • Leadership: teamwork and comradery are essential skills to a successful group adventure.
  • Communication: become an outstanding communicator by practicing presentation and speaking skills with our piers.
  • Entrepreneurship: learn what it would be like to run your own guiding business.
  • Decision Making: outdoor experiences are a very real way to observe the outcome of decision.
  • Preparedness & Accountability: forgetting something essential can be detrimental to a trip and teaches ownership of our mistakes. Learn how to pack and plan accordingly for your adventures, from food preparation to gear selection.
  • Survival skills: understand what it takes to survive without the comforts of civilization.
  • Specialization: hone your skills to become a pro in a number of disciplines, such as surfing, sailing, paddlesports, mountain biking or snowsports.

There are no prerequisite courses for the Adventure Academy, but just like athletics, you must have an annual fitness physical to ensure you are healthy and can participate in outdoor activities. Ambition, a good attitude and the willingness to try new things would be the best prerequisites.

The outdoor industry is vast, from medical first-responder positions to designing gear for top manufacturers and being a tour guide on an international adventure. If you have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy working with people, then a career in the Recreation Sector may be good for you.

Some field trip opportunities include:

PALI Institute – Wilderness Skills Outing

Mountain & Sea Adventures – White’s Landing Catalina Island Camp

Devil’s Punchbowl – Nature Area

Silverwood Lake – Paddlesports Weekend

Clear Creek Outdoor Education Center – Ecology and Biology Learning Center

San Antonio Ski Hut – Mountain-top Excursion 

Regardless of your skillset, we will get you up to speed and give you the information and knowledge to run with the rest of the pack. Besides, outdoor recreation is so much more than camping! We strive to expose students to a variety of outdoor experiences and encourage independent growth in the disciplines that students show an aptitude.

Building your quiver of equipment takes time and resources, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the outdoors. We strive to make the outdoors accessible to everyone and focus on outings that don’t require families to spend excessive amounts of money. We have partnered with outdoor manufacturers to offer top-notch gear at affordable prices so you can start building a gear-bank. However, hygiene is very important and we suggest that you outfit yourself with a few items that are best kept to yourself: clothing, sleeping bags, personal care products, cutlery and dinner/cookware.