We Have an Awesome Staff for the 2020/21 School Year.

Welcome Elite Students to the 2020/21 School Year, let's make it a great one!


Our students are hard at work this school year!

Our Homeschool, Virtual, and Flex Students have the enter Elite support system behind them.


A Premier TK-12 Tuition-Free
WASC Accredited Charter School

Offering a superior education with unparalleled flexibility, support and learning options


Experience Our World-Class Enrichment Opportunities

ACADEMY (Grades TK-12)

ACADEMY (Grades 6-12)

ACADEMY (Grades 6-12)


Public Education
Elective Offerings
Aligned to CA
Educational Code
WASC Accreditation
& NCAA Approved
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Educating students in the counties of:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • Kern
  • Inyo
  • Imperial

The Great Kindness Challenge is here! Click here to view the kind act checklist and submit your acts to our Kindness Ambassadors! 

Elite Academic Academy is for students who:

Require individualized learning
Need a flexible schedule
Want to accelerate their education
Need to get back on track
Want to learn from the safety of home
Live too far away from traditional schools

Elite Elective Opportunities

In addition to receiving an exceptional academic education, Elite students have the opportunity to participate in elective offerings where they can pursue extracurricular or career/vocational interests:


Elite Athletic Program is for the student athlete who wants to pursue their passion in a sport while excelling academically.


Elite Career Technical Program courses allow students to combine college preparation and real-world workforce skills development into one customized education program.


Elite Visual and Performing Arts Program was developed for students who desire to thrive academically while pursuing their passion for the arts.


Our Elite Adventure Academy is an exciting way for students to gain industry knowledge and outdoor experience while learning relevant state standard materials and meeting high school graduation requirements!

Founded on experience

Founded by trailblazers with a combined 75+ years of experience in traditional and charter school leadership, Elite offers its students a superior education with unparalleled flexibility, personal support and learning options.

See for Yourself

A personalized learning path

Elite students have the unique opportunity to choose from a wide range of independent study and elective options. Elite has many leading edge supplemental partners and curriculum providers students can access to support their academic journey.

Elite by the Numbers

Academic Academies
Highly Qualified Teachers
Teacher-to-Student Ratio
Individualized Learning