Different Forms of Education and What's Best For Your Family

There’s a lot of great things to love about Southern California: the sunny days, the beach, the great food.

But our personal favorite is the educational opportunities available for your children.

California ranks first nationally on the number of charter schools throughout the state, with 630,000 students enrolled in a charter school.

Knowing your child has several options is both liberating and stressful. It’s great knowing you’re not tied to a local district school if that’s not what’s best for you, but how do you figure out what is the best option?

To help you make your decision, we’ve gathered some of the most common forms of alternative educational options. Check them out below.


Sometimes the home is the best environment for the student to learn. Homeschooling also allows for much more involvement in your student’s education because, essentially, you are their educator. You will know what their academic strengths are, where they need to improve and how they are being instructed.

You could find your own curriculum and teach your child on your own. They will have to take standardized tests and exams to earn the diploma, but that’s certainly a possibility.

But there’s a good chance you might not feel fully confident in all subject areas, especially once high school hits. If that’s the case, there are resources to support you in your homeschool journey.

For example, Elite Homeschool Academy follows a policy of “you are the driver, we provide the engine”

That ‘engine’ comes with personalized learning plans that you’ll work with an educator to develop. It also includes an aligned, solid curriculum and support from Elite Educators.

Should you decide to enroll in Elite’s homeschool academy, you’ll have a consultation to develop goals and plans. You’ll then have curriculum options to review and select, with the choice for a digital, award-winning curriculum for 6–12th grade students that’s A–G aligned and pending accreditation.

As a homeschool parent with Elite, you’ll have flexibility, choice and the support of an Elite Educator to ensure your child’s homeschool journey is successful.

To learn more about Elite Homeschool Academy, head here.

Online or Independent Study

If you’d like more of a ‘public’ school, but with more flexibility, online school–also commonly known as independent study–is likely your best alternative.

Students study at home or wherever they have access to a computer and internet connection. There is a set curriculum, which you can pick. Students have deadlines to fulfill but are able to work at their own pace.

With Elite Virtual Academy, the curriculum provided is aligned, which means students will graduate with a legitimate high school diploma. There are also highly qualified instructors who provide live online sessions and answer questions via email, phone calls or 1-1 online tutoring.

Online school can be a great option for students who:

You can learn more about Elite Virtual Academy here.

Blended Learning

Although 100% online school allows for more freedom, it also requires more discipline.

That can be a great trait for your child to learn. But if you feel they aren’t quite ready for a full independent study, a better option may be blended learning, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Blended learning is primarily in person with an onsite instructor who utilizes digital curriculum to teach. Students will be on a computer studying independently, while also working with the teacher to understand concepts and stay on track.

For 6–12th grade students, Elite Blended Academy can be a great option. Students can study in person or independently, but both scenarios are complemented with an Elite Educator, who meets up to three times weekly with students to discuss goals, assess strengths, areas of focus and create a personalized education for each student.

In other words, it allows your child to learn discipline through independent study while receiving constant support from an instructor through graduation.

The Elite Blended Academy starts this Fall 2018. Stay tuned as we post more details on the site!

Enrichment Learning

This educational offering is unique to Elite. If your child has a specific passion or talent, enrichment learning could be the best route.

There are specific athletic, career, musical and traveling academies that tie in learning with something your child truly loves.

Elite Athletic Academy (EAA) is for the student athlete who wants to pursue their passion in a sport while excelling academically. Because of our partnership with the nationally acclaimed Stars and Stripes program, this model provides student athletes of all levels the unique opportunity to benchmark, individualize and elevate their athletic development. Learn more here.

If your child knows what they want to be when they grow up, let them get a headstart with Elite Career Technical Academy (CTE). This academy allows students to combine college preparation and real-world workforce skills development into one customized education program. Programs include healthcare, computer science, psychology and more. Learn more here.

For the musically inclined, there’s the Elite Visual Performing Arts Academy (VAPA). Students will receive a quality education while learning from highly experienced professionals whose talents range from stage combat to creative writing. To learn more about this track, head here.

Maybe your student wants to explore the world? The Elite Travel Academy (ETA) has them covered, at little to no cost for students who earn a minimum GPA. These students can travel to New York, Washington D.C. or London. You can learn more about it here.

Five School Morning Routines You Could Do Without

Getting your teen through high school is no easy task. That’s a given.

When you have to combine that with early, frantic mornings, high school can be brutal.

We’re not saying that the mornings will ever be glamorous. And we’re certainly not saying that there’s a magical place where all your cares can melt away (thanks to that California sun).

But sometimes the traditional route through high school just isn’t best for your student, especially if ‘morning person’ isn’t a descriptor you’d attribute to your family.

Online and homeschooling certainly have their benefits. For now, let’s focus on those mornings:

1. Every morning, day after day, you sit waiting

Nothing slows down a kid like having a place to be. It started on from early childhood, and it doesn’t get any better with age.

They may have all the energy in the world, they may be the fastest runner in their school. But when they have to get out the door in the morning, it’s a whole other world.

And so you sit, morning after morning, just waiting.

2. Slowly they emerge, with the famous eye roll

Waking up at the crack of dawn is tough for all ages, we admit it. But a little less attitude would be great, considering all you’re trying to do is help your teen not get in trouble for being late again, right?

3. You resort to the final warning call

That final warning call. It’s the ammo you save only for when absolutely necessary.

Because you’re a great parent, you believe in keeping your cool. But sometimes, that “I mean business” face is the only thing that gets your teen moving in those miserable, early mornings.

4. Finally, they pick up the pace and make it to the car

The toughest part is over. You’re finally able to drive to school.

Although, we won’t get into dealing with parent pickup….

5. When it’s all over, you look a little something like this

Another daily battle won and done. Whether you head home or straight to work after carpool, the feeling of getting your teen to school is the same.

Sound familiar? You might want to consider online or homeschool

You might be a morning person and don’t mind rushing around the minute you wake. If so, kudos to you, and we mean that.

But if this is sounding a little too relatable, you might want to look into online or homeschool. Your child can still earn a great education without you having to suffer through frantic mornings.

Both scenarios have quality teachers and guidance counselors readily available to support your family. Unique to Elite is an award-winning digital curriculum that’s fully aligned. With both homeschool and online school, you are in charge of your schedule. If you’d still like to wake up early, you certainly can. You’ll just get to enjoy some peace before starting school for the day.

You can learn more about Elite’s Virtual Academy (online school) here. For homeschooling, head here.

9 Reasons to Enroll in an Elite Summer Learning Track

Starting May 21, Elite Academic Academy is offering free summer learning programs.

From athletes needing to jumpstart their courses to young learners needing extra support this summer, there’s a program for just about everyone.

Of course, we can think of several reasons why you should enroll in an Elite summer learning track. For your sake, we’ve narrowed it down to nine.

Check them out.

1. Our summer programs are tuition free

Three words: free summer learning. Need we say more?

2. Keep the brain active over summer…and keep your sanity

It serves a dual purpose, really.

Studies show that students on average return from summer break one month behind in learning than they were before the break. It’s a newer term called “Summer Learning Loss,” or “Summer Academic Slide,” and there’s a pretty simple solution: Keep your child learning over the summer however you can.

And, if we’re being honest, most of us count down the days until our students return to school. From the homeschool to the traditional parent, the leading cause of hair loss and stress wrinkles are those last few weeks of summer break. (We’re sure there’s a study for that somewhere…)

So, why not maintain your sanity and help your child’s brain by enrolling in one of Elite’s summer programs?

3. Enjoy unique classes through Elite

Robotics, theater, Gaming Unlocked, the list goes on. Elite has several online, in-person and blended summer programs happening that probably aren’t available at your current public school.

For grades K–12, there are summer learning opportunities happening throughout Southern California that will allow your student to discover a new talent.

For grades 6–12, there is also a summer virtual academy. This 100% online program will be offering awesome electives designed for today’s teen learners. You can learn more here.

4. Several locations for your convenience

The last way you want to spend your summer is driving your student from place to place.

We get that.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with several different vendors throughout Southern California to ensure there’s a summer learning opportunity conveniently located for you. You can see locations here.

Or, better yet, don’t worry about transportation at all. If your student is in grades 6–12, you can enroll in a 100% online summer track.

5. Improve athletic skills

For the athletes, there are several training programs happening this summer to keep your child in shape and improve their skill levels.

6. Or, develop talents

Maybe your child is more into the arts?

We’ve got a summer program for them too. From rock bands to dance to theater, there are quite a few exciting visual and performing arts academies happening this summer.

7. Get prepped for the upcoming year

You certainly don’t want your student to start the next school year already struggling.

There are a number of academic summer programs happening with Elite this summer, as well. English and math camps are available with individualized support from instructors to get your child ahead of the game by fall.

8. Still have time to enjoy summer

Most summer programs last about 4–6 weeks, so you’ll still have time to relax and enjoy family vacations before the school year starts.

9. “Test Drive“ Elite before enrolling for fall

Elite is starting full swing come this Fall 2018.

Our summer learning tracks are a great way to “test drive” and see if we might be the best option for you. You can enroll with us just for the summer or stay with us for the 2018-19 school year.

Four Myths About Blended Learning–Busted!

When it comes to a blended education (a school that incorporates online education into the classroom), the amount of varied “facts” thrown out there can leave you with so many questions it can get overwhelming. Maybe you’ve never attended a blended learning school, or maybe you have a sister whose friend’s cousin’s nephew goes to one.

The bottom-line is: there’s a lot of myths floating around out there, and that’s why we’ve taken some of the top myths and busted them in this post.

1. Schools who use blended learning are as expensive as private schools.

We can easily bust this one. If a school holds a public charter status, it is completely tuition free. It doesn’t matter whether the school is blended, online or both. What matters is whether it is private or public.

District-sponsored charter schools give students the opportunity to get a quality education for free. Some blended learning schools are private and do charge tuition, and that’s why we recommend you do your research and find out what the best fit is for you.

2. Blended curriculum is only simple, busy work

This is a big myth.

A lot of people worry that digital curriculum equates to impersonalized, busy work.

Not true.

In fact, the beauty of a blended model is that students receive an education specifically tailored to them. Students work at their pace and take as much time as needed to grasp each concept. If a student works faster than the others, she is not tied to waiting until the rest of the class is ready to move on; she can continue to learn. If a student is stuck, he can work with an instructor individually until he truly grasps the concept.

3. Blended learning students don’t get enough socialization.

This is another myth that may worry some parents and students.

Being in a blended environment where students spend time on computers could seem isolating, and even thought to have a negative impact on the student’s socialization.

This is far from the case.

Blended schools balance time spent on the computers with several opportunities for interaction with other students. In addition to computer coursework, students participate in traditional coursework, hands-on labs, collaborate on group projects, and can attend outside school events to get to know their peers and socialize.

4. Teachers don’t instruct as much in blended schools

This one is an ongoing myth we are proud to say we can bust!

Because there’s digital curriculum “teaching” students, many seem to think the onsite instructors don’t do much.

In reality, the opposite is actually true.

Blended learning classrooms usually mean small class sizes, which allows teachers to communicate individually with every student to help them receive a more personalized education.

Oftentimes, Elite students find that they communicate much more with their teachers here than they ever did in a traditional setting.

Coming this Fall 2018, Elite will be opening a new Adult 18-26 blended learning program. Details are coming soon, but it will include an award-winning curriculum and qualified, awesome instructors. You can get started with Elite here

How to Continue Homeschooling When The Curriculum Gets Too Complex

As a homeschool parent, you know all too well the importance of being involved in your child’s education.

Knowing what they’re learning, how they’re learning and their academic strengths or struggles is a huge advantage as a homeschool parent. And if we had to guess, that’s something you’re not readily giving up.

But eventually–unless you’re exceptionally intelligent and if so, kudos–the curriculum may get too complex for you. Or you may be great at helping your child with, say, English, but not science or math.

How do you provide your child with a well-rounded education while still retaining control over their learning?

It’s a problem our students and parents once faced. That’s why we started Elite’s Homeschool Academy.

Taking Charge of Your Student’s Homeschooling With Award-Winning Curriculum

You know your child best. So it would make sense that you be the primary provider of your student’s instruction.

That does not change with Elite. We provide the engine, but you are the driver.

That ‘engine’ comes with personalized learning plans that you’ll work with an educator to develop. It also includes an aligned, solid curriculum and support from Elite Educators.

Should you decide to enroll in Elite’s homeschool academy, you’ll have a consultation to develop goals and plans. You’ll then have curriculum options to review and select, with the choice for a digital, award-winning curriculum for 6–12th grade students.

All TK–12 curriculum is rigorous, A–G aligned and WASC approved while pending NCAA accreditation. You can learn more about our online curriculum here.

As a homeschool parent with Elite, you’ll have flexibility, choice and the support of an Elite Educator to ensure your child’s homeschool journey is successful.

Greater Support to Your Homeschooling: Elite’s Role

With all homeschool students, our role is to encourage, support and guide their educational journey.

Each student is assigned a credentialed educator, who will:


  • Be the primary contact for information, updates and policies
  • Create an individualized learning plan with the parent/guardian
  • Have the option to oversee student progress
  • Meet in person every for an academic consultation
About the Academic Consultation

The academic consultation occurs in person every 20 days and involves the Elite Educator, parent/guardian and student. Its purpose is to evaluate the progress made within that 20-day period and if it’s in line with the educational plan. Meetings are 45–60 minutes per student.

The Support You Need to Help Your Student Succeed

Spending more time with your child and being fully involved in their education are both great things.

You shouldn’t have to lose out on those because the curriculum gets too complex.

With Elite’s Homeschool Academy, you can continue as the primary instructional provider for your child while enjoying support, coupled with an awesome curriculum.

We are now enrolling for summer and the 2018-19 school year. To learn more, click on the button below.

Introducing Elite Academic Academy

If there’s one thing a Californian knows, it’s that children deserve options in their education.

Perhaps that’s why California ranks first nationally on the number of charter schools throughout the state, with 630,000 students enrolled in a charter school.

Knowing your child has several options is both liberating and stressful. After all, it’s great knowing you’re not tied to a local district school if that’s not what’s best for you, but how do you figure out what is the best option?

It’s those questions that lead us to bring you one more option: Elite Academic Academy. Although the school is new, the educators and administrators are certainly not ‘new’ to the field.

We’ve brought in some of the best administrators of both the traditional and alternative educational field to bring we believe to be the best blend of both worlds for a superior educational experience.

Bridging the Gap Between The Traditional & Charter World

If you combine all our administrator’s educational experience, you’d get 75 years worth. That’s three-quarters of a century.

We have public educators who have won several awards. We also have leaders who have been in the online education space since practically its beginning. It’s truly a rare gem to have a pioneer who helped the online education world develop and evolve.

With such diversity in experience, Elite’s leadership is able to supervise and administrate a variety of programs in order to provide a personalized learning experience for students.

About Elite’s Programs: Our Virtual Academy

The virtual academy is 100% online for 6–12th grade independent learners.

This program comes with structured flexibility; students can learn at their own pace where they choose. Highly qualified teachers and counselors are available to provide 1-1 attention whenever needed.

Along with teacher support is an engaging digital curriculum. We partner with StrongMind, a rigorous and aligned curriculum that includes multimedia and interactive content to help students enjoy learning.

Homeschool Academy

Like any homeschool, parents are the primary educators in this model. With Elite, every student enrolled in grades TK-12 also enjoys support from a California Credentialed Elite Educator.

In our homeschool academy, we work with each family individually to develop a personalized learning plan. This ensures that your child’s education is geared to their best interest and designed to meet their specific needs.

For those interested in independent study, but feel they could use more in-person support, we have the perfect blend coming soon.

A blended learning program will be starting up fall 2018. Students will enjoy a creative, relaxed environment where they work with Elite’s highly qualified, caring faculty and staff to customize their learning and prepare for the future.

Enrolling With Elite

We are taking off running! Enrollment is opening right away for our summer academies, happening for grades k–12.

Soar to greater heights this summer with Elite’s SOAR Learning track. For grades k–6, there will be enrichment activities two days a week for students near the Mountain Empire Unified School District. Classes include cooking, robotics, math, English and more!For high school students, we will offer six-week courses, including ELA/Math Bridge, PE and electives.

We will also offer exciting homeschool and virtual academy options in all of our authorized counties for those students who want to jump on our summer track and take advantage of our unique learning academies. Students will get to experience exciting enrichment opportunities with our approved vendors and will receive $500 of educational funds for attending at least six weeks of school.

Help your child stay active this summer while earning credits. Or, give us a ‘test drive’ this summer to see how much you’ll love Elite (we certainly think you will!). We are WASC  approved and pending NCAA certification.

A comprehensive list of our summer learning options will launch in mid-April! Stay tuned!

Come fall 2018, we will be in full swing ready to enroll in any of our multiple programs. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional route, virtual learning or homeschool, Elite has you covered with a superior experience.

Summer learning tracks start July 2.