Elite Academic Academy is committed to ensuring that our families have all the tools necessary to succeed. Not only do we want them to thrive in the educational space, but the mental, physical and emotional space as well. Below are a series of videos created for our families as a resource and piece of knowledge to use moving forward. We have videos discussing a parent’s relationship with their student, and we also have videos about the opportunities students have here at Elite.

Equipping Families Virtual Video Series

Parents: We know your students are your number one priority. Elite has partnered with The YouSchool to provide a Virtual Video Series for Parents, which will equip you with resources to help you and your student(s) thrive. Each Video is accompanied by a worksheet that you can download. Videos will be added weekly to this space and included in your weekly newsletter from your teacher or program director.

Everyone yearns to add value. It’s a core longing we all share. To know that what we do and are capable to do has real value to another human.

Parents and educators, we have an opportunity. To take notice and be a mirror to our kids. To acknowledge and affirm the value they bring, especially when they’re able to do something at an adult level. Just by noticing, affirming, and complementing we can not only make them feel seen and loved but also help steer them down a path that resonates with their unique design.

You might pay attention to the ways in which your kids:

  • Solve problems
  • Engage in building new relationships
  • Create things with their hands
  • Communicate an idea
  • Use technical know-how to resolve issues
  • Share their knowledge with others patiently and clearly

My son will probably become a really skilled fixer- perhaps a mechanic or an engineer. My daughter will act as a peacemaker. Infinitely more likely if we continue to notice, affirm, and encourage them to express those parts of themselves.

Also, we can intentionally create opportunities for our kids to step up to the plate to be successful at an adult level.

We all want to know that we have something valuable to bring, something meaningful to contribute. But we might miss out on that important lesson if all we do is encourage students to get good grades and get into a good college.

A key foundational element for building a meaningful life is having an experience of success at an adult level.

Too often we see people fall into the trap of only focusing on the externals of their lives, like a school to apply to, a job they’re searching for, or a company they’re looking to work for. Because what we do for work ought to express who we are, what our sense of purpose is, and what kind of contribution we want to make in our lives. When we guide students to reflect on their identity, their purpose, their ambitions, and the vision they have for the kinds of people they turn into — then the work part of their lives becomes a simpler problem to solve.

When we only focus on the externals it’s too easy to make decisions for the wrong reasons. A much healthier process is to postpone the externals like a job hunt or college selection until after you get to clarity about that big, important question.

When students don’t know who they want to become, they lack the clarity and the confidence to make important decisions when they need to make them.

A key foundational element for building a meaningful life is having a vision for who you’re becoming.

Physical Education Resources with PE Now: Soccer Nation

Elite YouTube – Parent Video Series

With all of the different enrichment opportunities available to Elite Students, it can be tough to make a decision about what our families would like to invest their time in. We have a series of Community Partner webinars where our partners discuss their offerings and answer any questions our parents may have. We have two more meetings, and those recordings will be added here upon completion.

Community Partner Webinar – 9/2/20

Sports Academy Informational Meeting – 9/9/20

Community Partner Webinar – 9/9/20

Parent Engagement Workshop – Homeschooling Tips 10/12

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