Summer Programs

Kindergarten - 3rd grade:

Eaglet Authors – Partnered with Student Treasures Publishing

  • Students collaboratively co-author and illustrate a class book. 

Re-Inventing Machines – Partnered with Digital Media Academy

  • Written by Stanford Educators
    • Re- Inventing Machines will introduce students to simple machines such as levers, pulleys, wheels/axles, pulleys, planes, and screws – tools that shaped the development of human societies. After learning about these simple machines, students will learn about some of the machines that make modern life possible (e.g., internal combustion engines and turbines for energy). With an understanding of the machines that shape our world, students will take part in creative challenges to re-imagine and redesign machines to tackle problems of modern life.
  • May use Elijah Waithe, not the other students
  • Previous Class video of students explaining their projects
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