What grade levels do you serve?

Elite Academic Academy serves grades K-12, ages 5 – 18. Our Adult Education program serves grades 9-12th, ages 18 – 26.

How old does my child need to be to enter Kindergarten?

Students entering Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year, must be five years old on or before September 1, 2018.

What is your Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Policy?

Students who turn five years old between September 2nd and December 2nd are eligible to enroll in our TK program. Students who turn five years of age on December 3rd or anytime during the current school year may be eligible to enroll in our TK program, pending specific conditions are met.

Students who complete the transitional kindergarten program shall be eligible to continue on to kindergarten the following school year.

A child who is kindergarten age-eligible may enroll in TK. The parent/guardian must sign the Kindergarten Continuance Form to have the child continue in kindergarten for one additional year at the time of enrollment in TK.

Are there any fees or tuition costs to enroll?

No, Elite Academic Academy is a public school, and is free to students.

What does the school calendar look like?

We offer multiple calendars which allow students to maximize their academic days.

How soon can I start?

Once all required enrollment documents are received and processed, you will receive a call from our Admission team to explain the next steps. Our first track starts July 2nd.

What documents are needed to enroll?

  • Birth certificate, passport or other evidence of birth date
  • Current immunization record
  • Proof of Residency (ex. utility bill, mortgage statement, signed rental agreement)
  • IEP or 504 – Special Education Students (if applicable)
  • Transcript (High School only)

What should I expect at my first meeting with my Elite Educator?

You, your parent/guardian, and your teacher will discuss your individualized learning plan which will help you to reach your academic and post-high school goals. You will also receive your first assignments to get started on your education with Elite!

Elite Virtual Academy

Does Elite Virtual Academy charge for tuition?

EVA is 100% tuition FREE! In fact, students are allotted instructional monies for their curriculum and the leftover monies can be spent with our elite vendors for tutoring, extracurricular activities, lessons, etc.  Students in grades 6-12 who live in the following counties can enroll in Elite Virtual Academy:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • Inyo
  • Kern County
  • Imperial County
  • San Diego

Can an Elite Virtual Student recover credits while enrolled?

Yes, a student is able to recover credits for courses he/she has previously withdrawn from or earned a D/F.

Does Elite Virtual Academy support students with an IEP or 504 plan?

Absolutely! EVA has Special Education credentialed teachers to ensure the IEP plan is being followed or revised for student success.

Are English Language Learners Supported at EVA?

Of course! We celebrate diversity at EVA and provide an enormous amount of support for our students. Our teachers are highly qualified and credentialed with English Language support authorizations.

How do students join clubs?

Any student wishing to join a club or create a new club should speak to their school guidance counselor.

Does Elite Virtual Academy hold a ceremony for graduating students?

Yes! Elite Virtual Academy students deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. Graduations are held at the end of each school year at various venues. We encourage our students and their families to attend the graduation ceremony to celebrate the hard work of their Elite graduate.

Supplemental Community Partners

How can I partner with Elite?

We welcome new community partnerships. Please contact our Director of Business, Teresa Schaffer, at 866-354-8302 ext 702

Elite Homeschool Academy

Is this program free?

Yes, we are a public charter school approved by both Lucerne Valley Unified School District and Mountain Empire Unified School District. We are publicly funded like traditional schools and do not charge tuition for attendance and participation in our homeschool model.

Why homeschooling at Elite Homeschool Academy?

At Elite Homeschool Academy (EHA) we embrace our homeschoolers need for flexibility in how and what they learn, allowing them to learn about the “real world” by being part of it. These advantages allow homeschooled children to receive a superior education that is attuned specifically to their own needs, learning style, personality, and interests. In this independent study homeschool model, families will have the direct support of a credentialed teacher to guide them in curriculum choices, pacing, assessment and use of educational funds. As a parent you are not alone in this adventure, as our Elite Educators are here to guide, support and partner with you to ensure the academic growth of your child.

Can I choose the Elite Educator for my child/family?

Upon enrollment parents are always encouraged to specify a teacher that would be preferred and work best for their child and family. However, we cannot guarantee placement with your preferred teacher. We will always work to accommodate you as long as the teacher has room to accept an additional student.

What type of homeschooling philosophies does EHA support?

We are able to support all types of homeschooling philosophies as long as students are making progress. We have students who follow the Classical model, Traditional, Eclectic, Montessori, Waldorf, and Charlotte Mason models. The most important aspect of any one of these philosophies is that learning is occurring daily and that you, as the parent, are able to document the learning. We are here to help support you on the homeschooling journey. Our goal is to ensure your child becomes prepared for a vocation, college or their chosen career path.

Can I homeschool more than one child at a time?

Homeschooling multiple children can be very rewarding for the entire family! You can work with your Elite Educator in order to set goals for each child you would like to homeschool. You often can teach social studies or science together with the whole family and vary the difficulty of the work.

Does EHA offer field trips for enrolled students?

We offer a wide variety of field trips throughout the year in order to enrich the homeschooling experience. Our official field trips include science centers, theaters, farms, museums, gem & mineral exhibits, hikes, historical reenactments and so much more!

I'm not a certified teacher. Can I still homeschool my child with EHA?

Of course! You know your child better than anyone else, and we are sure you will make a wonderful teacher. Your family will be paired with a California credentialed teacher in order to introduce you to homeschooling and guide you throughout the entire process.

How often are we required to come into the school?

You will meet in-person with your family’s Elite Educator at least once every 20 school days (1 Learning Period). At these monthly meetings, we will collaboratively evaluate instruction, curriculum, assessment and goals.

What is the EHA view of Common Core Standards?

The Common Core standards are not based upon specific curriculum, but rather centralized around higher-level understanding and critical thinking. Our educational philosophy aligns directly with the four C’s of Common Core that are currently being implemented: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication. For more information about the Common Core Standards please contact your Elite Educator.

Our family travels, can we still enroll in EHA?

This is most definitely an option with us! Your Elite Educator will help you set personalized goals for your family and select curriculum that will work for you on the road. Positive life experiences such as travel can be a meaningful tool to tie into homeschooling, and we can show you how.

How does your program differ from other 'Independent Study' high school programs?

Great question! Home schooling differs from independent study programs due to the high level of parent/guardian involvement. In order to participate in this program effectively, students should have resources available within the home that provide them the tools to be successful in learning.

Do you have online classes available?

Elite has personal relationships with many online platforms, specifically including StrongMind and other parent requested on-line curriculum vendors. Through this platform, we offer a diverse range of courses for high school students, including English, math, science, history, foreign language and electives.

We do not want to do online classes. Do you have textbook or other curriculum options?

Of course! Here at Elite Academic, we understand that online courses do not suit the needs of every child. Therefore, we have built in the option of textbooks and alternative curriculum. Our students can use a blend of online courses, textbooks and direct instruction. Your Elite Educator will help guide you through the process of picking curriculum that best suits the needs of your student.

Do you have tutoring available for subjects such as Algebra, Biology, Spanish, etc.?

Yes! Your Elite Educator will help match curriculum and instruction options that will mesh with you and your student. We also offer tutoring opportunities from credentialed teachers, as well as tutors through our approved vendors. Our goal is to create independent, lifelong learners such that your role as a homeschool parent is one of guidance and support rather than curriculum instruction. Let us take care of the rest!

Can my child take classes at a community college while enrolled with EHA?

Most definitely. In fact, this is something we highly encourage. Your student must take a minimum 20 credits with Elite Academic Academy in order to enroll into a community college. Concurrent enrollment also offers dual credit. For example, a 3-credit course at the Community College level (100 or above) equates to college credit as well as 10 credits towards Elite Academic High School Graduation Credits.

Does Elite Homeschool Academy support students with an IEP or 504 plan?

Absolutely! EHA has Special Education credentialed teachers to ensure the IEP plan is being followed or revised as neeeded for student success.

Elite Athletics

What sports do you support at EAA?

We cater to building athletes in any sport.

What can I expect if my child signs up for EAA?

We will implement a long-term progressive development plan based upon data-driven personal testing which has been proven to provide great results.

What does my child have to do upon enrollment in EAA?

  • Create a Digital Profile using the Peak Performance Network (PPN) app with a unique email address ( Link Video) and athletic resume
  • Complete a benchmark test to determine current athletic ability
  • Access to Peak Performance Network mobile app to execute programs
  • Watch ‘Drill & Exercise’ video
  • Execute customized plan of drills & exercises

What goals will you have for my child if they sign up for EAA?

We will work with each student athlete to create a long-term growth plan that will assist in determining individual goals based on the commitment of each student.  These goals are set and tracked through the mobile application.

How will my child be held accountable to do the work?

All program execution is tracked on Peak Performance Network (PPN), with daily surveys and notice of completion available via email to any parties approved by the student athlete. The child and parent can manage their personal digital profile with daily activity input which is web-based and mobile-friendly.

How will EAA ensure my child is successful in the program?

We will provide proven progressive programming customized to the commitment of your child that will track, monitor and adjust targeted training as necessary.

How will I see my child’s athletic progress?

Getting to the next level is not an exact science and there certainly aren’t any short cuts. It takes effort, dedication and patience. The key to a successful data-driven journey is to first benchmark your child’s athleticism & skill sets.

Your child will be tested before the program starts and after it ends. Along the way the PPN app can be used to follow their progress.

  • All EAA student/athletes are benchmark tested every 90 days with a do-it-yourself test kit
  • All scores, video and data will be stored and tracked in their PPN Digital Profile
  • All test results are compared to national scores

What are your expectations of me as a parent?

  • Support your child on the path to becoming the best athlete possible
  • Attend webinars to understand the General Athletic Matrix and benchmark testing and how they relate to your child’s development phase. Promote accountability through habits of testing and tracking benchmarks
  • Assist with execution of customized drills if/where needed
  • Verify student athlete records of completed drills & exercises
  • For younger children, introduce sport-specific skill sets to prepare your child for individual and team competition
  • Support the Stars and Stripes coach to help your son/daughter have a good experience

Is there in-person support? Where?

The EAA athletic department is here to support students and vets vendor referrals that foster athletic development and promote accountability.

  • Consultation with Andy Allanson will be by appointment only during scheduled office hours Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm
  • Live Q & A webinars
  • Enrichment Centers located throughout Southern California will be coming soon
  • Athletes wanting to develop in baseball will have CBA workouts weekly at locations throughout Southern California. CBA practice time and locations will be posted on the EAA site.

How much will this cost out of my child’s Education Funds?

Each student’s pathway is customized for his unique development, therefore costs will vary between seasons, sports, athleticism or specific skill focus. Most programs regardless of the sport or the season will range between $45 and $225 per month. The cost will be proportionate to the athlete’s program so the percentage of athletic programs and activities covered by Educational Funds will vary per student athlete.

What if my child isn’t the best athlete? How will they be supported?

  • Athletes are designed and built. Therefore, we want every athlete to reach the top of their game, not someone else’s!
  • We know that if a player barely makes the grade to play at the next level, there are at least 250 colleges their skill sets will match.
  • We have learned the top 10% of athletes will need little support. Attention and guidance is needed for the other 60% of student athletes who will qualify to compete after high school.

Each athlete is evaluated on his or her own benchmarks. A Stars & Stripes Sports Agility Coach can build a customized program to meet individual needs. Proper targeted progressive training that proves advancement in skill stimulates advancement and growth. Nurturing has proven to be the most important aspect of skill development as opposed to nature. Our progressive development training is proven to work and will be supported by sport testing results as well as academic achievement.

Does my child require equipment?

Equipment will be needed for both athletic and skill development. Equipment and training aids can be purchased separately or will often be included with developmental programs. Equipment needs will be based on the commitment of the student and can vary from no equipment to substantial equipment.

Are there any teams my child can play on?

Stars and Stripes Sports provides State, Regional and National Teams for some sports and can assist in locating travel organizations that can provide desired opportunities based on each student’s goals and development plan.  Enrichment centers located within the student’s communities serve as an additional resource to meet the need of a team to play on.

How can I help prepare my child for a college scholarship?

Long-Term planning tracked by regular testing is compared to our National Sports Testing Index which guides each student athlete as to where they stand in relation to others their age across the country who they will be competing against for scholarships.  The digital profile consolidates all progressive development actions which also acts as their recruiting resume that will be sent directly to colleges and universities that match their skill level.

Two4 Sports will begin providing College Exposure during the 9th grade year to all Elite Academic student athletes.