MOEMS (Mathematical Olympiad Elementary and Middle School)

MOEMS® Overview

MOEMS® (Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools) offers monthly problem-solving contests designed to engage and challenge elementary and middle school students. Our program features two divisions: the Elementary division for grades 4-6 and the Middle School division for grades 6-8, with each team able to enroll up to 35 students.

Program Details:

  • Contests: Five monthly contests (November through March), each featuring five unique problems with detailed solutions.
  • Previous Years’ Problems: Access to 50 problems and solutions from the previous two years.
  • Awards Package: Includes certificates for all participants, medals for top scorers, award patches, silver and gold pins for top percentages, and the prestigious George Lenchner Medallion for perfect scores.
  • Administration: Contests must be administered simultaneously to all students either on paper or online.


MOEMS® is open to all types of schools (public, private, parochial, home schools, institutes) and individuals (with restrictions). Interested individuals should contact us directly for registration details.

Program Goals:

  • Stimulate enthusiasm and love for mathematics.
  • Introduce new mathematical concepts.
  • Teach problem-solving strategies.
  • Develop mathematical flexibility and intuition.
  • Foster creativity and ingenuity in mathematics.
  • Provide the joy and thrill of solving mathematical challenges.
  • Cultivate an appreciation of mathematics.

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