Peak Performance Program

Peak Performance is a cutting-edge athletic program that focuses on the connection between mind, body, and top athletic performance. Student athletes enrolled in this program complete ten credits of A-G, NCAA-approved courses while participating in daily athletic training with their coach and receiving dedicated guidance in the areas of testing, training, and recruitment.

Thanks to EAA’s partnerships with Whoop and Ambassadors of Compassion, Peak Performance students have access to technology and curriculum that addresses their precise needs as athletes. They also receive enrichment opportunities that incorporate real world experiences based upon the skills acquired throughout the program. By the end of the Level Up learning period, Peak Performance athletes will have high-quality content to incorporate into their athletic portfolio for college recruitment.

Program Offerings

  • Responsive curriculum designed to help student athletes reach their peak performance
  • Access to industry speakers, athletic leadership, and counseling support
  • Athletic benchmark testing data to help students measure up against other potential collegiate athletes
  • Whoop technology for students enrolled in CTE Sport Psychology 1A or 1B to help measure strain, recovery, and optimize performance
  • Virtual and in-person enrichment opportunities

Program Highlights

Ambassadors of Compassion

Ambassadors of Compassion is an innovative leadership program that equips youth with the critical skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges. Peak Performance athletes have the opportunity to take Ambassadors courses L.I.F.E. and R.I.S.E., which empower them to align their thoughts, habits, and actions with their long-term goals.

Ambassadors of Compassion

Mental Performance Online Training Workshop

Join Coach McCormick to define mental toughness and discuss the connection between resilience, nutrition, and rest to ensure you are building habits that will prepare you for the demands of collegiate athletics.