Elite Academic Academy achieves Level 1 certification in Marzano High Reliability Schools

Elite Academic Academy is pleased to announce the achievement of Level 1 certification in Marzano High Reliability Schools™. Level 1 certification means Elite Academic Academy has created a “Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture,” which is the foundation for every level that follows. Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised. Day-to-day school operations are addressed and evaluated in Level 1. 

The high reliability school (HRS) program was created by Marzano Resources to help transform schools into organizations that take proactive steps to ensure student success. Using a research-based five-level hierarchy, along with leading and lagging indicators, educators learn to assess, monitor, and confirm the effectiveness of their schools. 

This framework, based on 50 years of educational research, defines five progressive levels of performance that a school must master to become an HRS—where all students learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers, and beyond.

“As you move through the levels, it represents a complete transformation in how schools are run,” says CEO Robert J. Marzano. 

Schools must collect data and validate their performance to climb each level of the hierarchy. Certification is determined by Marzano Resources analysts in cooperation with school data teams. 

Using the HRS framework and indicators, schools can drive sustained, positive, and significant impacts on student achievement by synthesizing multiple complex initiatives into one harmonious system. 

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About Marzano Resources 

Built on the foundation of Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s 50 years of education research, Marzano Resources supports teachers and administrators through customizable on-site professional development, educator events, virtual coaching, books, videos and online courses. Our associates and authors are thought leaders in the field of education and deliver research-backed guidance for all major areas of schooling, including curriculum development, instruction, assessment, student engagement and personalized competency-based education. 

About Elite Academic Academy

Elite Academic Academy (EAA) TK-12 Charter School is the premier independent study educational option. We focus on flexible, individualized homeschool, virtual, and blended academies for students choosing not to attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Our primary goal is to provide individualized instruction for all students to accelerate performance. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. 

Elite Esports Soars in Inaugural Semester 

Elite Academic Academy is proud to announce the immense success of our Elite Esports Club, which is in its inaugural year, with our team taking first place in three different tournaments while competing in the Vanta Leagues. 

“Esports is a truly amazing club with exceptional coaches and teammates,” said William L, an Esports Club member and student. “It provides a great opportunity to connect with other students through competitive gameplay while having fun. Esports has taught me leadership skills and other important life lessons. I love the esports club!”

In the Elite Esports Club's first year of league play, the team has done an amazing job and claimed first place in Super Smash Bros Ultimates and Madden this fall. The club has students playing competitively in Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., Fortnite, and Madden. Led by Elite Esports Club Advisors Justin Diaz and Sam Keeley, the club has thrived since its inception, creating new opportunities for students interested in competitive gaming, working as a team, and having fun at the same time. 

“I am extremely grateful for the students who have chosen to participate in the inaugural season of Elite Academic Academy's esports teams,” said Elite Esports Club Advisor Sam Keeley. “I'm beyond proud of what we have accomplished within a few short months and excited to continue to grow the program.  Elite Academic Academy's esports program will continue to serve as an outlet for our students to grow as people, be part of a team, compete, and lead through a modern medium that speaks to them.”

In addition to the club, Elite Academic Academy has an Esports CTE Pathway. The Esports pathway is designed for students interested in the field of competitive gaming. As part of this curriculum, students will gain insights into the esports industry’s rich history, current trends, and potential future. Students will also explore the diverse roles within esports, from players to casters, managers, and developers. Students will explore esports strategies, team dynamics, and game theory across popular gaming platforms. This pathway provides students with a foundational understanding of the esports landscape and enables them to navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving domain.

Students interested in joining the Elite Esports Club are invited to learn more at https://www.eliteacademic.com/clubs/

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Elite Academic Academy Achieves Historic Milestone as the First Non-Classroom-Based HOSA Chapter in California

Elite Academic Academy is pleased to announce that they are the first non-classroom-based program to earn acceptance as an official HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) California Chapter.

“Starting a HOSA chapter at Elite opens up a world of opportunity for our students,” said Lupe Rodriguez, Associate Director of Career Technical Education (CTE) at Elite Academic Academy.” It's more than just learning about health science and careers; it's about developing leadership skills, understanding the importance of ethical practices, and building a strong sense of community. HOSA gives students a glimpse into the healthcare industry, inspiring a more profound interest and passion in medicine. It's an excellent way for them to gain real-world insights and prepare for future careers in healthcare. I'm excited to see how this chapter will help develop compassionate, skilled professionals ready to make a real difference.”

HOSA, renowned as a Career Technical Student Organization, is tailored for students with a keen interest in pursuing rewarding careers within the health professions sector. HOSA offers invaluable opportunities for leadership development, motivation, and recognition. Through active participation in HOSA, students gain access to diverse avenues for enhancing their knowledge, refining their skills, and honing their leadership abilities. This includes engagement in competitive events, educational workshops, and valuable networking opportunities with esteemed healthcare professionals.

HOSA's designation for Elite Academic Academy signifies a groundbreaking leap forward, underlining our commitment to excellence and innovation in non-traditional academic pursuits. We are elated by this significant achievement and eagerly anticipate continued growth and success with our educational academies.

Elite Academic Academy is a K-12 public charter school that serves students across Southern California. With three distinguished academies: Homeschool, Flex, and Virtual- we aim to meet every student’s educational needs and pursuits. Elite also offers courses through our Career Technical Education (CTE) department, with courses that prepare students for the modern-day workforce, such as the healthcare industry, marketing, and educational fields.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Chief Student Development Officer Ashlea Kirkland-Haynes at akirkland @eliteacademic.com.

About Elite Academic Academy Elite Academic Academy (EAA) TK-12 Charter School is the premier independent study educational option. We focus on flexible, individualized homeschool, virtual, and blended academies for students choosing not to attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Our primary goal is to provide individualized instruction for all students to accelerate performance. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn.

About HOSA HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services, and several federal and state agencies. HOSA’s mission is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and enhances the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA’s goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to affiliate and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.

Be Elite Podcast Announces Podcast Student Leads for the 2023/2024 School Year

Are you ready for another exciting school year filled with entertaining podcasts? The Be Elite Podcast Club is thrilled to introduce our two Podcast Student Leads for the academic year. We're proud to announce Elisa as our Middle School Lead and Cindy as our High School Lead.

Mr. Smith, our Podcast Advisor, expressed his pride in this announcement, stating, "I am very proud of Elisa and Cindy being named our Student Leads. Both have been a massive part of the podcast in the past seasons, and both possess the leadership and creativity needed to take the Be Elite Podcast to new heights!"

For those unfamiliar with the Be Elite Podcast, it's a remarkable platform that is entirely student-driven. Our talented students are responsible for brainstorming topics, crafting thought-provoking questions, designing eye-catching graphics, and much more. As we enter our fourth season, we're excited to continue delivering engaging content to our listeners.

The Be Elite Podcast, available on YouTube, has already garnered a dedicated following. Our previous episodes have explored a diverse range of topics, including "A Day in the Life of an Elite Student," interviews with outstanding Student-Athletes, and even some entertaining Harry Potter trivia. Our commitment to delivering high-quality content remains unwavering, and we can't wait to share more compelling episodes with you.

To stay updated on all the exciting new episodes from the Be Elite Podcast and other outstanding content, we invite you to visit the Elite Academic Academy YouTube channel today at https://www.youtube.com/@EliteAcademic. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button to ensure you never miss an episode!

Peak Performance Kick-Off 2023 at SoFi Stadium

We had a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime kickoff to our Peak Performance Program at our SoFi event! Hundreds of students from across Southern California arrived in style with their teams via charter bus, ran out of the Rams tunnel, participated in Athletic benchmark testing on the field with Zybek sports, and had several celebrity and athletic speakers, such as actor Noel G and former NFL player Spencer Tillman. It was a night to remember! Thank you, everyone, for your attendance and support in celebrating our amazing athletes!



How To Succeed In Virtual School

By Angelina A. , Elite Academic Academy Student

Originally created for our CTE Social Media Marketing course

Whether you were forced into virtual school due to the pandemic or you made the decision long before or after the pandemic came about, the switch to online schooling is hard for many students. Adapting to the schedule of creating your own school work and independent study can certainly come as a challenge, especially since we are so used to having our school schedule planned out for us. It is not anymore the days of simply just having the task of showing up to class and listening to our teacher talk.

Put The Distractions Down, Focus.

Putting your mobile device or any distractions away during study time is pivotal to your success, and in this aspect, virtual schools and in-person classes are identical. In this article published by the Science News Bureau, it states that studies show that if you constantly have some fidget or device that will cause you to lose focus on the task at hand, your brain will be unsuccessful at retaining information. Even if you think that despite your need for entertainment, you are paying good attention to the material, your brain is not going to be able to process the information effectively, and when it comes time to recall the information for a test, etc., you will be unable to. This can ultimately lead to bad grades; as we all know, oftentimes this leads to a domino effect. 

Find What Time Of Day Works Best For YOU

This is another very important factor to pay close attention to. Everybody's different; some people feel their best as soon as they wake up; while others may need to get up, eat, exercise, and maybe journal before they feel their brain is performing at its best; and on the other end of the spectrum, some people feel the most alive at night time, and quite literally dead in the daytime. Whichever one sounds most like you is perfectly fine! Just be sure to utilize your brainpower when it is at its highest.

After all, trying to get schoolwork done when your brain is foggy or just simply unable to focus will not benefit you. If anything, it will cause you to lose motivation for school altogether, which we certainly don't want. Just think about it; doing your school when your brain is most powerful will allow you to be able to flow through your school work effortlessly, at least with less effort than it would take if you tried doing your school while your brain juices were performing poorly.

Set Reasonable Goals, Plan!

Setting reasonable goals is focal when it comes to succeeding in any aspect of your life, and schoolwork is no different. When I say reasonable, I don't mean to set super easy goals that you

know you will be able to complete with little to no effort, but I also don't want you to set goals that will have you working every moment of your day with no time to enjoy your life outside of

school. What I mean by reasonable goals are goals that you know you can accomplish as long as you plan your time appropriately and genuinely focus. Having goals that you want to achieve allows you to have something to look forward to, and achieving goals related

to school will make you more excited to actually do your schoolwork because of the dopamine release that you get from accomplishing goals. The article, The Importance, Benefits, and Values of Goal Setting, by Leslie Riopel, MSc., is a great guide to start setting your goals and it also talks about the effects of goal setting and accomplishment on our mind, overall success, and happiness.

Find A Study Buddy

It can be highly beneficial to have another person that's willing to sit in a quiet study room with you and work on school tasks together, giving each other support when it's needed. In simple terms, we are largely affected and influenced by those that are around us. For instance, if you are in a room full of people that are playing games and watching TV, within 10 minutes of being in their presence, you are going to be doing the same thing that they are doing. On the other more positive hand, if you sit in a room with another person that is focused and studying, you are 10x more likely to follow in their footsteps, as well.

There are plenty of ways to find somebody you can have study dates with. One of the most evident and obtainable ways is by getting in contact with somebody that is in one of your classes. You can find these people in your class discussions or even in specific assignments where you and your classmates share your projects with each other. Or, if you went to in-person classes, get in contact with your old classmates! It's always nice to get back in contact with old friends.

Utilize The Resources Available To You

Take a moment to realize the fact that you are home and free to utilize any resources that you'd like, whenever you'd like! For example, if you're a visualiser, then bring out that giant whiteboard that's been abandoned in the garage for years. That way, you have something to brainstorm your ideas for your project on. Or, if you need frequent refreshers in order to maximize your brain's focus, then utilize the fact that you can take a quick fresh-air walk break whenever you'd like. The list can go on and on, but the point I am trying to make is to utilize the fact that you are not in the enclosed environment that you are used to being in with traditional school; you have the freedom to create the best, most individualized study schedule to maximize your success.

Exercise Maximizes Brainpower

Exercise is undoubtedly the most beneficial thing anyone can do for themself. From curing depression to keeping your heart healthy and reducing your risk for health problems at every point in your lifetime. The effect that exercise has on your brain is probably the most

notable effect that we should mention in this blog. In this article published by the CDC, they touch on the exact effects that exercise has on our brain and our body. "Physical activity can improve your cognitive health—helping you think, learn, problem-solve, and enjoy an emotional balance. It can improve memory and reduce anxiety or depression". These results have come after decades of studying neuro and physical science; there's no rebutting these facts! If you want to improve your cognitive health and, ultimately, your cognitive performance, exercise for at least 8 hours every week.

Stay In Contact with Your Teachers

This is pretty obvious, but surprisingly enough, many students, including myself, forget that we have complete access to our teachers despite being at home. For me personally, this comes as a result of not having to go into a class and see my teacher daily. The reason may be completely different for you, but regardless, reaching out to your teacher when you find yourself stuck on a project or unclear on directions is essential to your success as a student. After all, being your teacher and ensuring your success is your teacher's job! Regardless if you are in person or not, these individuals are supposed to be there to support their students with any questions or concerns, big or small.

Lastly, Make A Schedule, and Stick To It

The final step to creating a master plan for success regarding this challenging new school concept is to create an effective and well-thought-out schedule for your weekdays.

This may take you a couple or even a few weeks to perfect, but the steps are simple; by just simply paying attention to what works best for you and makes you feel your best (mentally and physically), you will be able to put these findings into a master plan and set yourself up a schedule! 

Elite Honored as a 2023 California Distinguished School

Elite Academic Academy-Mountain Empire has earned the honor of becoming a California Distinguished School.

This honor is a prestigious two-year honor given to the state's top-performing schools using performance indicators specified on the California School Dashboard. This is only possible due to the innovative and collaborative efforts of our fantastic teaching staff, students, parents, classified staff, community partners, and the administrative team!