Guest Blog Post by Elite Student Chaya Shmukler

Artwork by Chaya ShmuklerI started painting when I was about 10-years-old. One day, I picked up a canvas, some paint, and a brush and decided to create something to see what would come out of it.  Since that day, I have continued to paint because painting calms me down. When my creative thoughts start flowing, my whole being relaxes. It has now been almost six years. Two years ago I started taking oil pastel and watercolor art classes, but I only attended them for two months because I was ahead of what the teacher was presenting to the class and I did not like being taught how to paint.  I found that it crushed my creativity so I decided to continue learning how to paint on my own. 

I am featuring two of my most recent paintings. The first is painting is inspired by Pop Art.  The painting depicts two people kissing. I chose to paint the male in blue and the female in hot pink with features such as plump lips with a rounded profile.

The black and white painting is a representation of a dream I had, foreseeing my own future. It is a type of surreal silhouette. You have to look at the painting from a specific angle in order to see what it is. Can you see it? Do you see one person? Two people? Or is it an animal or plant? Look first before reading on. Here is a hint: Focus your eyes on the black. The white is empty space that looks a little like Pikachu, but this is not the image. The painting is of a mother and father with their newborn baby. 

These two paintings brought much inspiration into my heart. This summer I am hoping to take more art classes, so I can pursue my dream of painting.Chaya Shmukler