Are you ready for another exciting school year filled with entertaining podcasts? The Be Elite Podcast Club is thrilled to introduce our two Podcast Student Leads for the academic year. We’re proud to announce Elisa as our Middle School Lead and Cindy as our High School Lead.

Mr. Smith, our Podcast Advisor, expressed his pride in this announcement, stating, “I am very proud of Elisa and Cindy being named our Student Leads. Both have been a massive part of the podcast in the past seasons, and both possess the leadership and creativity needed to take the Be Elite Podcast to new heights!”

For those unfamiliar with the Be Elite Podcast, it’s a remarkable platform that is entirely student-driven. Our talented students are responsible for brainstorming topics, crafting thought-provoking questions, designing eye-catching graphics, and much more. As we enter our fourth season, we’re excited to continue delivering engaging content to our listeners.

The Be Elite Podcast, available on YouTube, has already garnered a dedicated following. Our previous episodes have explored a diverse range of topics, including “A Day in the Life of an Elite Student,” interviews with outstanding Student-Athletes, and even some entertaining Harry Potter trivia. Our commitment to delivering high-quality content remains unwavering, and we can’t wait to share more compelling episodes with you.

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