Dejah SaldivarDejah Saldivar has an enormous passion for the game of basketball. She practices around 5-6 hours per day, and travels the country with her team, Cal/Desert Storm, playing in basketball tournaments. She has a goal of receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to play basketball in college and to continue to receive a top-notch education. This goal is no easy feat, and Dejah knows that. While she is working hard day in and day out to work towards her dream of playing in college, she also has a strong support system around her that is helping her get there. Dejah is an 8th grader in her second year at Elite Academic Academy (EAA), a WASC Accredited and NCAA Approved Public Charter School. She chose Elite’s Virtual Academy because she wanted to receive a superior education while having the flexibility in her schedule to continue training hard and traveling for basketball.

“I want to continue to have a 3.5-4.0 GPA going into high school; because academics are important when you are trying to receive a college scholarship.”

Dejah explained that she has had a great experience so far as an EAA student. She can complete her schoolwork in the morning hours before heading off to basketball practice and it is easy to get in contact with her teacher if she needs help. Manny Saldivar, Dejah’s father, expressed that her basketball coaches make sure that her academic studies are taken care of on the road.

“When she travels, we let the coaches know that she needs time for her academics, and they will accommodate for that and give her time to get her schoolwork done. It is very nice because she never has to miss school for sports, her school travels with her.”

On top of receiving a superior academic experience at EAA, she has been receiving a superior athletic experience at Sports Academy. Since summer 2019, Dejah has been playing basketball with her team at Sports Academy. Starting in October 2019, she has been training and practicing there as well.

Sports Academy is a 100,000 square-foot facility that houses world-class basketball courts, volleyball courts, sand courts, turf field, batting cages, pitching mounds, and a mondo sprint track. On top of that, they have a comprehensive sports medicine practice for medical therapy and rehabilitation, a biomechanics lab, a world-class cognitive training lab, an e-sports training ground, a learning center for academic tutoring and training, and a yoga/cycling studio. Mamba Sports Academy is a space that supports youth, amateur and elite athletes with a Full-Circle training approach to support the body and mind. Manny Saldivar explained how great it has been having Dejah practice at Mamba. “It’s a state-of-the-art facility, and not just for basketball. For everything.” Dejah’s head coach, George Quintero, is a Director at Mamba Sports Academy and works with her there about once a week on average, while also having games held there.

With both Sports Academy and EAA in her arsenal, Dejah will be reaching her goal of receiving a college scholarship in no time. EAA has also taken notice of Dejah’s success with both programs and wants to provide the same opportunity to the rest of their students. EAA has partnered with  Sports Academy to provide world class athletic opportunities to their students as part of their experience at Elite. As a student at EAA, you will be provided access to the Sports Academy facilities to complete basic assessments, sports training or skill training. There will be space available at the facility to get your schoolwork done, and transportation may be provided if necessary. Dejah is taking advantage of having these two premier institutions to support her on her journey, as Elite Academic Academy is happy to be able to provide the same support to all of our students.

We will be having two informational meetings to discuss this partnership. Please join us to learn how to enroll with Elite Academic Academy and become an Elite Training Athlete: