Our Elite students are back to school this week after a relaxing holiday break with friends and family. For our student athletes, they are not just getting back into school mode. They are also getting back into competition mode and continuing with their athletic training.

Davis Perkins is an 8th grader in the Virtual Program at Elite and one of our dedicated student athletes. He is currently thinking about a career in the engineering field and is able to excel academically while also improving on the football and lacrosse field. Over the break, we asked him a couple of questions about his experience as an Elite Academic student as well as athlete.

Meet Davis Perkins


What do you enjoy about playing football and lacrosse?

“I enjoy the competition that these sports offer. Competition forces you to get better and practice harder. I also like being a part of a team and helping my team excel.”

How has being a student at Elite helped you with your athletic goals?

“Elite has given me the opportunity to improve my athletic ability because of my flexible schedule. I can go to my training sessions and complete my school work when I am done. Elite is a great place for student athletes to excel both in academics and sports.”

There will be even more opportunities for Elite Student Athletes to grow both academically and athletically in the coming year through our new exciting collaborations. For further information about the upcoming changes in store for Elite Academic Academy in 2020, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.