If you think about your siblings–whether you’re grown or are a student–you probably love them, but they get on your nerves sometimes. During our current pandemic, probably more like a lot of times.

Sometimes, it takes time to grow close with your siblings. Other times, it takes some livestock and the right school!

Kacey (19) and her younger twin sisters, Cheyenne and Cerenitee (17), have only gotten closer as they’ve grown. A lot of that, they say is thanks to finding a passion they all share, and having Elite there to help them pursue that passion!

Here are the Vivirito Sisters below. They raise livestock and are changing their community around them with their passion and positive energy!


Kacey, Cheyenne and Cerenitee have been raising livestock and entering competitions/selling for the past four years now. They’ve also recently had a steer win first place in his class; his name was Chuck.


“So how we found showing livestock—the group we’re in is Alpine Range. I feel like the reason we are so attracted to showing animals because it’s such an experience and responsibility to have and it’s worth the experience because it’s such a strong bond you form with your animals, and it’s so rewarding to showcase and have your hard work displayed for everyone to see.”

“I just love the memories you make with your animals,” Cerenitee added, in a Zoom meeting we had with the Vivirito Sisters.

“Yeah, it’s crazy to think that we’ve learned so much from those around us and now we’re the ones teaching the younger generation. It’s just crazy that we’re now the ones teaching the younger generation and the little kids are looking up to us,” said Cheyenne.

“So, you’ve become sort of experts in your field,” we thought. “Why do you keep going? What inspires or motivates you to continue the hard work you’ve done?”

“I just want to make an impact on the world that there are good things out there and you just got to get into them,” said Cheyenne. “I think that’s why I keep showing, it’s very rewarding in the end because little kids will come up to you with your animals and they’ll pet them, ask their names and say, ‘Wow! You’re so cool!’ and really  I’m really not, I’m just doing what I love!”

These sisters are going out of their way to empower the next generation in showing livestock by selling their quality animals at a much cheaper price than they could. Usually a sheep of good quality, for example, can cost up to $1500. Just for one. Needless to say, it’s very expensive and the Vivirito Sisters don’t want to see kids miss out because of money.

So they sell their sheep to kids starting out for just about $100.

“When we first started, we had very poor quality animals and we know we weren’t going in to win, but we still went to play, but we did go in for the experience and learned so much in those few years. So, we want to help the next younger generation that is just starting have better quality animals for a low price. I’m really excited to see how that business takes off.”

How cool is that? To not only love what you do, but take the time to pass it on and teach it to the next generation? That’s just one reason why we love the Vivirito Sisters.

They don’t just work hard in their passions. These sisters have all managed to catch up a school grade in the past semester alone! To them, Elite works better because they aren’t so tied to superfluous work and having to attend so many meetings. It gives them the opportunity to balance their livestock work and school work.

“Our old school we were at, they wanted us on meetings all the time. They wanted us from the time we woke up to almost 8 or 9 at night, which is around the time we work with our animals, so it was very hard trying to balance it all. Our grades were slipping, even though we were trying to do all our work,” said Cheyenne.

” Now, we can wake up, do our school and go do our animal work,” Cerenitee added.

“Yeah, and the teachers make the meeting so much fun. It’s not just all about the school, it’s also about what’s going on in our lives. They care about our animals and it’s good to know that someone’s willing to talk about that versus it just being an hour meeting of just school. So I very much appreciate that,” said Cheyenne.

It’s also very easy, well, the work is not easy, but not overbearing. It’s not bunches and bunches of homework onto school work…I think this is the best my grades have been in a long time,” said Cheyenne.

“Without Elite, I don’t know where I’d be…probably be grades behind,” said Kacey.

So, with all this hard work and passion, where do the Vivirito Sisters plan to be after graduation? It’s actually somewhat surprising. But we couldn’t be more proud. 

“For me, I aged out of showing, so I want to finish here and go to college to become a vet and work with animals and help in the equine industry,” said Kacey.

“For me, I would like to follow in my mom’s footsteps in becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA). I’ve always been fascinated with the medical field. Whenever my sisters gets hurt, I’m always like, “Oh, cool, I wanna help, can I help?”

“Yeah, you do that!” Cerenitee laughed.

“I guess I’m attracted to making people feel better. So, I feel like a CNA would suit me the best,” Cheyenne said.

“Mine is so different from you guys!” laughed Cerenitee. “After I graduate, I want to go to college to become a makeup artist and work on the movies. Mostly in special effects makeup.”

“She’s so good. It’s scary how real it looks,” her sisters added.

“We grew pretty close once we started showing livestock together. There’s sometimes when we butt heads for a little bit…but we’ve grown pretty close, we do everything together. Elite has helped like crazy. I don’t know where I’d be without elite, that’s all I’m saying,” said Cheyenne.

Keep working, Vivirito Sisters! You all are going to accomplish amazing things!

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