Noah Reyes

Congratulations go out to an Elite student, Noah Reyes, an 11th grade high school student in  the Elite Academic Academy Homeschool program.

Noah attempted the Advanced Placement exam in Calculus BC this past Spring and earned a 5, indicating a perfect score. Noah is self taught in mathematics and has utilized resources such as ThinkWell Homeschool courses for online video instruction and practice.  In addition, he has been taking a series of college courses in chemistry and biology since 2018 at Palomar College, as well as English 100 this past summer, and has maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Noah is also fluent in speaking and writing German and participated in competitive tennis before the pandemic.

Nowadays, he concentrates on mastering his ping pong skills at home for recreational purposes. Noah is just another example of one of our Elite students who is dual enrolled in college and continues to excel academically. 

When he was in Middle School he was honored as one of the brightest middle school students in the world” at an international Johns Hopkins University ‘Center for Talented Youth’ (CTY) awards ceremony last May, and qualified for CTY’s Julian C. Stanley ‘Study of Exceptional Talent’ (SET).

Congratulations, Noah. We are all proud of you!