There’s nothing better than finding a passion to make life a little bit less stressful. Sometimes, it’s those hobbies that get you through, especially in 2020!

For Phoenix, a student here at Elite Virtual Academy, art is their thing. This student is incredibly talented, and although we certainly think Phoenix is talented enough to make it a career, art is meant to be their side passion in life.

Really, Phoenix has so much potential, they could go anywhere they want in life!

And that’s what Phoenix plans to do.

Here’s a little more about this awesome student:


About Phoenix Cassell: Artist, Social Justice Activist.


Phoenix started with Elite Virtual Academy in 2019 while living within Death Valley National Park. Phoenix has been drawing from a young age and one day it caught the eye of Mrs. Reardon, their teacher. Mrs. Reardon wanted to share it with us. 

“I’ve just been drawing a lot sine I was a kid,” said Phoenix. “I don’t know what it is about art, but sometimes it’s nice to cool down. It just calms you. I haven’t taken any art classes but it’s something I love.” 

Here are a few of Phoenix’s drawings, just to get an idea of their talent. Most of the art is digital, although Phoenix does sometimes sketch by hand. And what Phoenix draws ranges to anything they feel like at the moment.

“‘I feel like when I was a baby, I would just take a pen and draw. I don’t feel like it mattered much what others thought. It only mattered that I wanted to do this, and I needed to do it,’ said Phoenix”

Although Phoenix is very talented, drawing is just one of Phoenix’s many passions and talents.

“I don’t know I don’t think I’ll do art as my main thing but I will continue to do art,” said Phoenix. “I want to do something that I do for my past time and not work, then it becomes less of a hobby.” 

Phoenix told us they actually started an art business for a little bit, but found that it was a stress to be told what to draw with deadlines attached. For Phoenix, art is about finding release and enjoyment.

So, what does Phoenix want to do after high school?

“I don’t know yet, but I would like to be an equality protestor, equality HR, police officer maybe. I’ve thought about those. Fighting for the country that I live in. I thought about a pilot or a flight attendant too because I love going places. I could be a president, I could be a vice president,” said Phoenix.

Social justice is something that is very important to Phoenix, as you might have noticed from the list of potential careers above. It often reflects into Phoenix’s artwork, shown below.

“I’m inspired by the things I love and am passionate about. That’s my inspiration to draw,” said Phoenix.”

Phoenix’s last main inspiration is the family dog, a Dutch Shepard.

“My dog is a very big inspiration to me. She is just a very sweet dog. Her name is Ibex,” said Phoenix.

One thing is certain: Phoenix is going to keep learning after high school.

“I have plans to go to college. I don’t know what I’m going to study in college but I am going to college,” said Phoenix. “I want to get the best education possible. I have a few years to decide.”

We love not only the ambition, but the wisdom of this Elite student. We can’t wait to see what Phoenix does next!

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