It’s estimated that nearly 750,000 students drop out of high school each year in the United States.

It’s also estimated that a high school dropout earns $19,200 less annually than a high school graduate. And $36,424 less annually than those who hold a bachelor’s degree.

The numbers go further.

The unemployment rate on average for high school graduates is 8.5 percent. For high school dropouts? The rate increases 12 percent.

If there is any takeaway from these stats, it’s that earning a high school diploma clearly has its advantages.

The Difference Between an Online High School Diploma vs. GED

GED stands for general education development. Not general equivalency diploma, as many seem to think. A GED is earned by taking and passing an exam that usually costs about $70. After passing the exam, participants receive a certificate recognized by employers.

A GED is not the same as an online diploma, nor does it hold the same value.

Really, an online diploma is more aptly compared to a traditional high school diploma, considering it can be equivalent, depending on a school’s accreditation.

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If the school is a public charter school and accredited, an online diploma is the same as traditional high school diploma. It’s simply earned online. Once again, this only applies to private or public charter online schools who are accredited, as Elite is (accreditation pending, coming soon!).

The Benefits of An Online Diploma vs. GED

Is it better to earn a high school diploma online versus obtaining a GED? Take a look at the stats below.

  • A high school diploma is free to earn. Plus, those with a high school diploma earn $1,600 more monthly than those with a GED.
  • Finding a job is more difficult with a GED because of the stigma it holds. As was stated, the unemployment rate is 4 percent higher.
  • It can be more difficult to attend college. Just 5 percent of GED holders hold a bachelor’s degree, compared to 33 percent of high school graduates.

About Online High School

A majority of the time, students drop out of high school due to some outside circumstance. It could be negative experiences, an illness, disability or family obligations. Whatever the circumstance, the traditional high school model was not working for the student.

That’s where online high school is crucial to reducing dropout rates and helping students succeed.

There are several benefits of enrolling in high school online. The personalized support from teachers, flexible schedule and ability to study at home are a few features that make earning an online diploma much more doable for many students.

Personalized Support

In any school, you can find qualified teachers, dedicated to helping their students. But as class sizes increase, distractions increase, and the teacher’s availability wears thin.

Online school allows for a more personalized approach to learning. Instead of focusing on 30+ students from hour to hour, online teachers conduct online seminars, with the majority of their day focused on individually helping students understand the material.

Flexible Schedule

Online students are not tied to the usual traditional school schedule of 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. They do have to work just as hard as traditional students, but they can choose when and where to do so.

This is most appealing to struggling and excelling students with time-demanding activities. Some are aspiring professional athletes, while others work to support their family.

These students work hard to balance their lives, and it’s only possible through online school.

Safe Environment

There are many instances that make studying at home necessary for some teens. Online schooling provides the teens who need a safe, comfortable environment with the ability to still earn their high school diploma.

It’s Probably Not too Late to Obtain Your Online Diploma

If you have dropped out of high school, there’s a good chance it’s not too late to earn your online diploma. You do not have to complete high school in the traditional four years.

Students in California can attend online high school until they are 22 years of age. 

If you are nearing 22 years of age, give us a call anyway. We have programs in place to help you recover credits quickly.