Computer Science in Education Week

By December 10, 2019 Online School

Written by Laura Spencer, Ed.D | Director of Instructional Technology Integration

This week is Computer Science in Education week. Its purpose is to draw awareness to the growing careers in computer science and encourage K-12 students to pursue computer science in school. So what is computer science? Most assume it’s just computer programmers typing code in a cubicle, but it’s so much more! It encompasses a broad range of computer fields, to include computer theory, hardware systems, software systems, and scientific computing. And the field is growing!

Computing jobs

Value of computer science

Careers in Computer Science include jobs like Hardware Engineer; Database Administrator; Video Game Developer; and CyberSecurity Analyst. And for most of these fields, California is a great place to get hired.

If you’re curious to learn a bit more about computer coding, which is one aspect of computer science, check out all the fun activities on

Learn About What Careers are Available in Computer Science

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