It might sound strange. How would attending school online or at home make a difference, especially when there’s the stigma of it not holding the same value?

A diploma earned online, in a homeschool or blended setting, is no different from a traditional diploma. So long as the school is accredited, of course.

In some ways, an online diploma might be more valuable for students. As colleges integrate more online aspects, learning online could mean better college and career prep. Here’s how:

In all of the Elite Academic independent study academies (online, blended and homeschool), there are no assigned seats or raising hands to use the bathroom.
Independent study means enjoying the freedom of completing schoolwork on the student’s schedule. But with this comes great responsibility.

Teachers are always readily available to help students. But it’s up to the student to complete assignments and tests. In other words, online students have to gain discipline in order to succeed in their classes.

Sound like college life? It can be a huge adjustment in college when you have to learn how to stay on task or how to study. Already possessing those traits can be a huge jumpstart to starting college.

There’s less structure to the day, which means more time management

College students choose the time and day to attend classes and study. Elite Academic Academy students do the same. So why not start developing these personally structured schedules early?

Most home study students have to balance their school with other activities in their lives, like working a job or a sport. As a result, they become prepared for college as they learn discipline and how to manage their schedules.

Online students gain experience communicating with teachers outside a classroom

In a brick and mortar school, students see their teachers every single school day. At many colleges, classroom sizes can range anywhere from 100-500 students, and the professor likely doesn’t know their names.

As a result, college students communicate with professors via emails and phone calls, just like at Elite Academic Academy

Our Elite Educators are available by phone, email, and online or in-person tutoring. They get the personalized support they need and get used to communicating with a teacher the way they would with a college professor.

They become familiarized with completing online assignments

Even students who attend college courses in person will most likely still have an online aspect to their curriculum.

Now, more than ever, in-person colleges include online assignments, exams and resources online. Online students are comfortable with the idea of logging in and completing coursework, exams. They also conduct research online, helping the transition to college become much easier.

Counselors help students get ready for college

With Elite, our guidance counselors work hard to help students prepare for life after high school. If you know you want your child to attend college, consider enrolling with Elite. We will help your teen graduate and get prepared to go to the college they want to attend.