All that studying is bound to make a kid hungry.

It’s actually a fact.

Studies show that intellectual activities, like studying, cause a big fluctuation in glucose and insulin and makes you hungry. Unfortunately, though, thinking doesn’t burn a ton of calories; it’s only about three more calories per each intellectual activity. You know you don’t want to deal with ‘hanger’ from your child. You want them to be able to concentrate on studies, so you’ll need something quick for them to snack on. But you also don’t really want to put much effort into cooking snacks. After all, who wants to cook more than necessary? And that’s when we go for the junk food.

Healthier snacks do require a bit more prep. It’s not quite as easy as opening up that bag of chips, but there are some simple recipes just about anyone can follow that will actually add some nutrition to your hungry student’s diet.

A snack in a jar you can easily assemble ahead of time

It’s really not as difficult as it sounds. Stoves and ovens aren’t needed, and it’ll allow your student to grab something quick when he or she is in the zone with schoolwork.

Your jar can contain whatever your child likes to eat. Maybe the go-to celery, peanut butter and pretzels? It could also be hummus at the bottom, and your pre-cut bell peppers, carrots or whatever you like in the jar. Or even a bean dip with some chips on top. Putting a quick assembly together will help you be ready to go for snack time.

You can find some easy ideas here.

These ‘banana dogs’ even the pickiest eater will like (maybe)

Here’s what you need: a banana, peanut butter and a tortilla of your choice. That’s it.

Spread the peanut butter on a wheat or flour tortilla (your choice), add the banana, roll it up like a burrito. If your child prefers it cut into bites, go for it. It’s a healthy snack that will take little to no energy.

We’d share a recipe, but we think you get the idea.

Or, if your child is a dill pickle lover, these roll ups

Your student is definitely going to have to be a dill pickle lover for this snack. But it’s just as easy to assemble as the other ideas, and it’s a low carb, high protein option.

Really, all you need is a favorite lunch meat, cream cheese and a whole dill pickle. Just like the banana dogs, you’ll spread the cream cheese on the lunch meat, place the pickle and make a lunch meat burrito.

If you want to view the recipe, head here.

If you’re feeling up to some cooking, there’s this easy pizza

If you’re feeling like putting forth a little more effort, opt for this simple pizza recipe.

You’ll need a tortilla, pizza sauce, cheese and pepperonis. It doesn’t take much work and it’s a filling snack. It’ll make you look like a pro when you pull out a ‘thin crust’ pizza for your kids done in such little time.

You can see the recipe here.

Or go all out and make yourself some no-bake energy balls

This healthy snack option is meant to be loaded with foods that will boost energy, something greatly needed when studying in the afternoons or early mornings.

Energy balls, also known as power balls, usually consist of peanut butter and oats. You can add things like fruits, chocolate chips or m&ms for taste. They don’t require an oven and are a great go-to snack you can store in your fridge.

Here’s one example of an energy ball you can try out.

Some advice from homeschool, blended and online instructors:

As one online educator, Donald Mitchell said:

“Living a healthy lifestyle can help you manage the stress of school and work.  Help your child adopt these healthy habits to stay energized for their busy schedule:”

A few more tips on eating and studying from online, blended and homeschool instructors:

“Balancing my life begins with sleeping and eating” – Lauree Russell

“Sleeping-n-eating affect EVERYTHING. I have blackened my bedroom windows and have relaxation music ready to go before I go to sleep,” said Ms. Lee. “Also, I don’t eat after 6 p.m. so that my body is actually resting instead of digesting a heavy meal,” Ms. Lauree Russell, math teacher.

Eat Lunches That Will Help Your Body

“As for eating, life is so busy, I keep cases of my favorite healthy foods in my refrigerator so I can grab-n-go.  Right now I have a case of Greek Yogurt, a case of green juices, 12 boiled eggs, a case of mixed nuts and two different bags of home-made chicken frozen enchiladas (individually wrapped) that can be microwaved in two minutes.  Of course, a large box of mixed greens or spinach to add to my meals is nutritional too!”- Ms. Lee, math teacher.