The #BeElite Podcast club is open to all students enrolled at Elite Academic Academy!

The #BeElite Podcast was created to shine the spotlight on the Elite Academic Academy students and their talents. Students interview guests on a regular basis and upload episodes to YouTube. Students learn first-hand the behind the scenes skills of a podcast such as editing, creating taglines, intro and exit music, and preparing interview questions. Students also learn and practice communication skills by conducting  interviews, social media marketing posts and promoting their podcast!

There are so many different roles in the #BeElitePodcast Club! Some of these roles include:

  • Interviewers: Conduct interviews, develop and ask questions, etc.
  • Graphic Design: Create artwork needed for media channels for podcast- like an album cover
  • Film Editing: Edit videos, add music and graphics as needed.
  • Social Media Marketing: Place and promote episodes, learn best practices, etc.

Students brainstorm the topics, creating an underlining theme for each month’s podcast episodes. Student interests drive the Podcast episodes and students are able to express their opinions, thoughts, and knowledge during the episodes. Students also have the ability to practice real work industry skills while involved in the Be Elite Podcast!

For more information, contact Podcast Advisor Mr. Smith at [email protected].

podcast example

Meet Nolan Smith, Elite’s Marketing Instructor

Nolan Smith is the Marketing Instructor for Elite Academic Academy’s CTE Marketing pathway. Smith has worked in marketing and public relations for over 10 years, working in a variety of industry sectors: from education, healthcare, utilities, pop culture and more. A longtime reporter, Smith has worked on both sides of public relations, having worked with a number of print and online publications. Smith has worked in a charter school setting since 2002, working with schools across Southern California. He holds an AA degree in Liberal Arts, a BA degree in Creative Writing and a CTE credential in Marketing and Arts/Entertainment.

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