Online, flex and homeschool students do, in fact, communicate with instructors. Here’s how:

The lack of face-to-face instruction might seem like there’s less ability to contact instructors.

But really, online isn’t to blame for effective student-teacher communication. In fact, there are common barriers in communicating within the traditional classroom setting.

For example: If you had one hour to help 30 people, who would you go to first? Likely the ones who grab your attention and ask for help.

With such large class sizes, students must be vocal in order to receive any sort of help. Those who aren’t oftentimes fall through the cracks.

In online or homeschooling, students are able to contact teachers anytime throughout the working day. There are real-time online lectures similar to that of the traditional classroom but that’s just one point of contact–not the main form of interaction.

Here are the different ways students can contact teachers at Elite.

Six ways online and homeschool students communicate with instructors

1. Email

Every educator has an individual email provided to all students at the beginning of each course. This way, students can easily send messages to their teachers and usually get a response within 24 hours or less.

2. Messaging within the school’s online platform

Our Parent Student Portal’s (PSP) messaging isn’t just for connecting with students and making friends in a safe environment, though that is a plus.

Another way to contact teachers for a faster response is through messaging, where students log in to see announcements, check grades, chat with other students and their teachers. In the messaging section of the PSP, students can find their teachers and get a quicker response to a question.

3. Phone call

For an immediate response, students can call teachers on their direct office line and chat with them regarding any questions or concerns.

4. Oftentimes, even a text message

Many of our teachers even offer text messaging, either through personal phones or a Google phone line.

If the instructor offers this option, you will find out at the beginning of class in announcements, or you can always reach out through one of the other communication lines and see if they have texting available.

5. “Live” online sessions

In our online courses, teachers will hold real-time classroom online sessions to instruct the course, answer questions and hold classroom discussions.

If you don’t want to ask questions in the group session, our teachers are more than willing to schedule a one-on-one online session with you to provide tutoring and more personalized instruction.

6. In-person appointments

Parents and students can call their teacher and get in-person support when needed. Of course, you should schedule an in-person appointment ahead of time with your instructor, but an in-person session can be a great way to meet your child’s teacher face to face and get face-to-face support from instructors.

For homeschool students, there are also assigned Elite Educators provide support and even come to your home for an academic consultation.Flex teachers are happy to meet you at your local public library. This occurs every 30 days to evaluate student progress and help keep students on track with their individual educational plans. For more information, head here.

Remember, our teachers are here to help your child succeed. We hope you take advantage of all the communication channels available to you.