Ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? How people lived? What their lives were like? Elite Academic Academy students were able to experience just that. 7 students took a trip to Washington DC on March 10th, 2020 and had the opportunity to visit some amazing historical sites. 

Many students just read about the Battle at Gettysburg, George Washington’s plantation, The U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But the experience of being present and actually seeing it up close and personal makes it more relevant to what we read in books. Students visit the plantation of our first president, George Washington, they were able to learn more about how people lived and the conditions they lived in. 


Elite students also saw our The Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution in person at the National Archives Museum. They were able to learn more about the conversations and key movements that lead our countries birth. 

The Civil War couldn’t of come more alive without the visit of Gettysburg, PA. Students had the opportunity to visit and step foot on one of the sites that brought our country together. Students heard about how the war started, how it landed in Gettysburg, and how people from across the country to this one site for battle. Through monuments that were created to represent key moments to our tour guides animated depictions of the battle that took place, it really made our experience being there more realistically.

Elite Academic Academy partnering up with EF Tours has brought the opportunity for students to learn in an immersive and enrichment environment.  To sign-up for the next adventure sign-up to be part of the Travel Academy. Your next adventure awaits!!