Ally Krahn

Elite Virtual Academy (EVA) is for the independent learner who enjoys technology. Students who choose this model have the flexibility to complete their 100% online courses while enjoying ample support from highly qualified instructors and caring counselors. Ally Krahn is an 11th grader that has found academic and personal success with EVA, and her instructors have certainly noticed. 

Due to a recently diagnosed medical condition, Ally was looking for a school that would accommodate the school – life balance she needed. Ally joined EVA in 2019 and found that it was exactly what she was looking for. She has been excelling in her work in EVA all year, and we’re truly proud of her,” says Evan Jorgensen, Elite’s Director of EVA. 

Now that she is settled in with Elite and is on top of her grades, Ally enjoys being a part of many extracurricular activities. “I like to practice the piano and draw. I started to play the piano when I was 7 and grew to love it from there. I’ve always loved to draw, however, I started taking it more seriously this past year. I like to volunteer almost every day at Priceless Pets adoption center, and I also spend time as a volunteer at our local library.”

Ally playing on the keyboard

Ally’s plans for the future include becoming a nurse and going to Loma Linda University. As she will be a 12th grader next year, she hopes to take college classes during that time to get a head start on pursuing her next degree. Elite Academic Academy is thrilled to offer a truly superior online learning experience for their Virtual Students, where they can keep a healthy balance between learning and pursuing extracurricular activities. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a personalized education with an academy that meets your learning needs and an enrichment program that assists in pursuing your passion, visit our virtual page to learn more and find out how to enroll. 

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