It’s always a great accomplishment when a student graduates high school.

But, we think it’s probably fair to give a little extra credit to the graduates of 2021! These students made it successfully through the 2020-21 school year, and that was no easy feat. Despite everything that happened this past year, these student kept diligently pursuing their diplomas and made it!

So, here’s a virtual high five being sent your way, to not just our students, but all the 2021 high school graduates out there.

About the Elite Class of 2021

We had an awesome graduation ceremony with almost all our seniors in attendance! Here’s a little more about them.

From Oliver’s Parents:

“I know it sounds cliche to say we are proud of you, so we won’t. We are impressed with how you’ve grown up in this crazy family with seven siblings and still managed to take the initiative and complete your high school education independently. You have now joined the family business and you are working harder than we could ever have imagined. We are stunned everyday with how dedicated and conscientious you are in every aspect of your life. So here’s to you, we couldn’t be more proud!!”

From Katherine’s Parents:

“Katherine…This past year has been filled with challenges. With so many uncertainties and lack of answers with respect to college testing, college applications, NCAA eligibility, college recruitment, and the emotional highs and lows that went with this journey, you did an amazing job on navigating such uncharted circumstances. You’ve never waiver from your commitment to your studies nor to your tennis training and development. The results can speak for itself and a 4-year ride to APU clearly speaks volume.”

From Tawny’s Parents:

“You came into our life unexpected, a surprise to all of us. What an adventure you have brought us, the laughter, the tears and the love. We wish you all the success we know you will have because you are blessed and to us, a blessing. We are forever grateful for that surprise we call TNT. Love you to infinity and beyond, Mom and Dad.”

Tawny’s Future Plans:

“I hope to be an author one day. Eventually, I will look into real estate school so I can support myself as a realtor while pursuing my goal of being an author.”

From Rayshawn’s Parents:

“Rayshawn, we are so proud of you and knew you were destined to be great. Life has a way of molding your every move, and the greatest reward is not always how you start but how you finish. It has been exciting to see how you have evolved from beating pots and pans, to becoming a great percussionist. All the creative noise you made from sunup to sundown perfecting your gift was well worth it. Rayshawn, never be silent, continue to make noise and the world will appreciate your awesome gift. Your chapter in life is just beginning. Enjoy it and use every day to be great. With much love and admiration, Mom and Dad”

From Jaron’s Parents:

“Jaron is our sunshine. He radiates enthusiasm and zeal for life. He shows passion for all his interests and activities and draws everyone in with his optimistic ‘good vibes.’ Jaron has excelled both academically as well as in performing arts, studio arts and film studies. He has become a young man who confidently tackles challenges and achieves his goals. Jaron always looks for opportunities to serve, and he is an amazing example to his siblings. We are proud and blessed to be his family. -Mom, Dad, Ariel, Larissa, Alina, and Ian”

From Graham’s Parents:

“Well done, Graham! This is an achievement to savor. You learned a lot about yourself. You learned a lot about the world around you. We all feel really good about how we were able to work together and be supportive. And most of all, you did the work and you kept at it. Having done all this, we all know – with conviction – that you will be successful going forward. Congratulations!”


From Garret’s Parents:

“Congratulations Garret on this momentous occasion! It has been a blessing to see you learn and grow throughout the years. We are so proud of you for all your hard work. We look forward to the next chapter in your life to see what God has in store for you. We know that whatever you do, you will be successful as you follow the Lord’s leading in your life.”

Garret’s Future Plans:

“In the fall, I will be taking classes at Palomar College to work towards obtaining a business administration degree with an emphasis in legal studies. I will also be working part-time as a legal assistant at my father’s law office.”

From Alex’s Parents:

“Alex, since you were born, you have been the gift that our family never knew we needed. Growing along with you as you have gone from baby to child to man has been a learning experience that we will treasure always. Your challenges have been many, but your triumphs have been more. We are confident that you have so much more to show the world in the future.”

Alex’s Future Plans:

Alex worked hard to complete his studies and graduate early. He is currently attending Palomar college as a full-time student and getting his pre-requisites done. He plans on studying computer science.


From Evy’s Parents:

“Dear Evy, we could not be more proud of you! You have always been a ray of sunshine, the kid everyone wants for a best friend, the Pied Piper of children. Now you have completed this awesome milestone. All your grueling work has paid off. We always knew you could accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You will be fantastic at UCLA and we will always be here for you. We love you very much! Mom and Dad”

From Ashlynn’s Parents:

“Ashlynn, you have always been a joy and blessing in our lives. We are so proud of the accomplishments you have achieved and the beautiful woman you have become. You have been a great blessing to our family and have taught us kindness, patience, and most importantly love. Thank you for your beautiful smile and quick wit that brings joy and laughter to our days. We wish you the best in life and will always be there to support and love you. We are grateful to have you as our daughter and sister! Lots of love, Mom, Dad, Heather”

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