It’s no secret among our parents that our students are the best! If you got a chance to meet some of our students, you’d be amazed at what they can accomplish.

To help parents unsure of online, blended or homeschooling, we thought we’d shine the light on a few of our students, so you can see that they are just like any other student–and they do great things!

Pearl Baldi, a fifth grade homeschool student here at Elite, is no exception. She is an awesome student and an incredible horseback rider.

We asked her a few questions; this is what she said:

Tell us about yourself!

“I am a horsewoman and love riding, training, and caring for my herd. I also enjoy “catch riding” other people’s horses and ponies at shows and for sales videos. It makes me feel accomplished when I help a pony overcome a bad habit or train it to jump well or do certain tasks. Showing horses is very exciting and I feel lucky to do it.

I also raise dairy goats and am a 4-H member. Goats are sweet creatures and it is fun to see them grow up and become good milkers. I also like to make goat cheese- yum!”

Why did you choose Elite?

“My mom and I met Kath Gray, she is my Learning Coach. She is so kind and helpful, I knew that Elite would be a good choice.”

What do you enjoy about being an Elite student?

“Being an Elite student lets me pursue my riding dreams and goals because it is so flexible. I’m glad we got to pick the curriculum I use and I can study at home or at the show!”

How do you balance school with activites?


“I have a rhythym to my work week and often do assignments in the evenings or when it is too hot to ride.”


What is your favorite aspect of your home workspace?

“My workspace is anywhere I choose! It is nice to be comfortable at the dining table near snacks or on the daybed reading. I like that it is quiet and calm.”

What advice do you give students to do well in school?

“I would tell students to try your best and do good work the first time. This way if you know it and show it then you don’t have to do similar assignments over and over. If something is difficult, think about the thing you love to do, as your reward for completing it. For me, that thing is being with horses,” Pearl Baldi, fifth grade