There was a time when education was limited to either attending the school you’re assigned to or being homeschooled. Even then, homeschooling was foreign to many and surrounded with misconceptions.

We’ve shifted to an era with practically multitudinous options in education. Charter, private, in-person, online, blended: the list goes on.

Which begs the question, “What’s best for my child?”

Elite Academic Academy offers a couple different programs, including homeschooling and blended learning.

To those of you who are new to the online high school environment, welcome. Online high school can be unfamiliar, and naturally with that comes many questions. That’s why we’ve gathered the five most commonly asked questions to help you get better acquainted.

Check them out below.

1. How Do I Transfer From Another School?

Switching your child to another school might sound daunting, but transferring to Elite is actually more doable than you might think. It’s as simple as applying online and talking with an advisor to get the necessary documents submitted.

Don’t worry about contacting your school for transcripts; we will help every step of the way.

Switching to the online environment does mean you’ll need a workspace at home, along with a computer and internet connection. But you’ll also have guidance counselors available to help make the switch as quick and easy as possible.

2. What Will My Child Learn and How?

Elite Academic Academy is a public charter school. That means students are taught the same curriculum as a traditional school. The “how” students learn is what differs.

Students are not burdened with heavy textbooks or long hours crammed in a chaotic classroom. Instead, they study from the comfort of home or enjoy fresh air at a coffee shop! As long as there’s access to a computer (or laptop) and the internet, online students can study wherever they choose.

More important, Elite’s online students benefit from an award-winning curriculum designed specifically for the adolescent learner. Students are not stuck reading a boring textbook, they are engaged with practice workbooks, animated lessons and much more to help them actually enjoy learning.

You can learn more about Elite’s curriculum here.

3. How Do Teachers Communicate With Online Students?

Elite has qualified, state-certified teachers who are dedicated to not only helping our students earn their diplomas, but truly master concepts along the way.

While it could appear as though online schooling creates a barrier, we actually find that it opens the portal to more communication and personalized support.

Students can easily contact teachers via email, phone calls or instant messaging within the online classroom itself. For those students who are ‘too shy’ to raise their hand, this method of communication can reduce anxieties and make them more willing to ask for help.

It’s not fully dependent on the student to ask for help. Teachers stay in touch with their students regularly to make sure they pinpoint struggles and help them excel academically wherever possible.

In many cases, our students report that they communicate with their teachers more here than in a traditional school setting.

4. How Do Online Students Socialize?

As a parent, you know that socialization is key to a teen’s development, and you might worry that an online school is isolating.

And perhaps a decade ago, that would have been true. In this digital world, teens are most comfortable with communicating online. Even with their closest friends, they are most often ‘talking’ via SnapChat, Instagram, etc.

Elite has its own ‘social’ platform called the community, where students can find classmates and chat in a staff-monitored, safe environment. This allows students to comfortably make friends.

Online socialization is great, but it’s merely an avenue; not the main form of interaction. Because face-to-face socialization is just as important for teens, we hold school events throughout the year. These are not required, and they allow students the opportunity to come together and chat with friends in person.

5. How Much Does Online School Cost?

Whether an online school charges tuition depends on the type of institution.

For example, a private school will likely charge tuition. Charter or public schools, on the other hand, will not.

Elite Academies is a charter school, which means we charge no tuition. Whether you enroll in the homeschool program, the blended learning or online school, your cost will be the same: free.

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