Getting your teen through high school is no easy task. That’s a given.

When you have to combine that with early, frantic mornings, high school can be brutal.

We’re not saying that the mornings will ever be glamorous. And we’re certainly not saying that there’s a magical place where all your cares can melt away (thanks to that California sun).

But sometimes the traditional route through high school just isn’t best for your student, especially if ‘morning person’ isn’t a descriptor you’d attribute to your family.

Online and homeschooling certainly have their benefits. For now, let’s focus on those mornings:

1. Every morning, day after day, you sit waiting

Nothing slows down a kid like having a place to be. It started on from early childhood, and it doesn’t get any better with age.

They may have all the energy in the world, they may be the fastest runner in their school. But when they have to get out the door in the morning, it’s a whole other world.

And so you sit, morning after morning, just waiting.

2. Slowly they emerge, with the famous eye roll

Waking up at the crack of dawn is tough for all ages, we admit it. But a little less attitude would be great, considering all you’re trying to do is help your teen not get in trouble for being late again, right?

3. You resort to the final warning call

That final warning call. It’s the ammo you save only for when absolutely necessary.

Because you’re a great parent, you believe in keeping your cool. But sometimes, that “I mean business” face is the only thing that gets your teen moving in those miserable, early mornings.

4. Finally, they pick up the pace and make it to the car

The toughest part is over. You’re finally able to drive to school.

Although, we won’t get into dealing with parent pickup….

5. When it’s all over, you look a little something like this

Another daily battle won and done. Whether you head home or straight to work after carpool, the feeling of getting your teen to school is the same.

Sound familiar? You might want to consider online or homeschool

You might be a morning person and don’t mind rushing around the minute you wake. If so, kudos to you, and we mean that.

But if this is sounding a little too relatable, you might want to look into online or homeschool. Your child can still earn a great education without you having to suffer through frantic mornings.

Both scenarios have quality teachers and guidance counselors readily available to support your family. Unique to Elite is an award-winning digital curriculum that’s fully aligned. With both homeschool and online school, you are in charge of your schedule. If you’d still like to wake up early, you certainly can. You’ll just get to enjoy some peace before starting school for the day.

You can learn more about Elite’s Virtual Academy (online school) here. For homeschooling, head here.