Science is a subject that is constantly changing. Experts continue to conduct research and learn more about their areas of expertise. This new knowledge gets passed down to Educators who write these new findings in textbooks and teach it to our students. Teachers play a pivotal role in this ecosystem of spreading knowledge, which is why Elite is so happy to have Ms. Mallett on board as our Virtual Academy Science Content Teacher.

Ms. Mallett teaches Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science within the Virtual Academy. Given the construct of this Academy, Ms. Mallett works with our Virtual Students a lot via email and via zoom during her office hours. She continuously communicates with her students and their Teachers of Record to provide feedback on assignments and enrich our student’s learning experience with her knowledge on the subject.

Virtual Academy Director Evan Jorgensen states:

“Ms. Mallett shines when she is working with her students, which always shows in her smile. We are thankful to have her expertise and personal touch to her courses and lessons in the Virtual Academy”.

Ms. Mallett feels the same way about Elite and knows she has found a school to work for that values both staff and students.

“As a part-time teacher, I feel so engaged with the school. The morale of the staff is great and the interaction with the students and parents are easy and successful. The goodies that are giving to us frequently is not expected but I do love those too!”

She hasn’t always wanted to pursue teaching as a career, but quickly realized how much she could positively contribute to her community if she became an educator.

“During my residency as a Public Health major, 99% of 10-17 year olds that I spoke with said  that their teachers made a difference in their lives”.
And that was the start of a 17 year teaching career! The subject of science as her expertise was a no-brainer.
“With science, you can think outside the box. If you don’t have a book or a board, you can explain science to students and get a ‘Wow'”.
When Ms. Mallett is not teaching, she likes to stay active. Her hobbies include running, hiking, swimming, and Fitcamp. She also finds time to watch Investigative Discovery, her favorite channel! Thank you, Ms. Mallet for being a bright light within the Virtual Academy here at Elite and enriching our student’s experience.
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