In a recent staff meeting, we discussed the importance of making connections with our students. In fact, it is our staff’s theme for the entire school year! Especially during such uncertain times, our teachers play a huge part in ensuring our student’s academic and social-emotional well-being. This is no easy task, but our teachers are up for the challenge. Ms. Planchon, a Virtual Academy Teacher of record, has been doing a fantastic job of making connections with her students and giving them every opportunity possible to succeed.
She is doing such a great job that her Students want to make sure they continue to be in her class next school year at Elite! Here is a testimonial from the parent of one of her students, Lyric.

“…just wanted to make sure we can keep Ms Cristina as Lyric’s teacher. It has been an incredible year of growth because of the connection Lyric has with Ms. Cristina.  I can’t express how beneficial it’s been for Lyric to have teachers that truly care. The math instructor [Ms. Singas] and Cristina have gone above and beyond, which has inspired Lyric to apply herself without instruction. I see her confidence and excitement when she does the group learning in Ms.Cristina’s class. I would like to keep this same attitude and energy Into 2021…What I love most about her is she can take criticism and concerns without taking it personal because she is truly invested into the future of her students…It would be easier and preferred to stay with someone that understands my passion for my daughter’s future”.
Ms. Planchon has been teaching for 17 years, and she’s been with Elite since we first opened in 2018. It is safe to say that she goes above and beyond for her students. You can find her sharing her passion for dance with the whole school during our holiday zoom parties! Thank you Ms. Planchon for being a part of our awesome team here at Elite and making connections that will last a lifetime.