We’ve partnered with the LA Dodgers Training Academy. Here’s what it means for our student athletes:

When we launched Elite Academic Academy last summer, we knew if we had a chance of providing every student with the ability to enhance their unique talents, we were going to need to find some incredible vendors.

And so we searched and vetted. And we found them.

One of these incredible vendors is the LA Dodgers Training Academy. Whether your child is an avid softball/baseball player or an athlete in need of strength training and conditioning, this could be a great option for your student athlete.

About the LA Dodgers Training Program

Available with Elite, students receive small group instruction to quickly progress in their ability level. Students will additionally participate in a sports performance program that includes strength, conditioning, speed and agility training.


  • Instruction from former professional or college players
  • Three 60-minute classes weekly
  • Small group focus and support
  • Fun, high-energy, competitive setting
  • Ability to apply educational funds to program costs

Applying educational funds toward the LA Dodgers Training Academy

Student althetesEvery student at Elite receives funding upon enrollment.

Funds must first be applied toward core curriculum and related materials. After that, remaining funds can be directed toward any of the Elite Enrichment Programs.

One such program happens to be the LA Dodgers Training Academy. That means your child has access to a world-training program with personalized instruction and strength/conditioning training. You can direct any remaining educational funds toward this program.

Softball/baseball player or not, here's more info on Elite Athletic Enrichment Program

Maybe your child loves softball or baseball, maybe they prefer a different sport.

Either way, the Elite Athletic Program (EAP) is a great option. Students can direct educational funds to various athletic programs in order to improve their talents and have a better shot of earning a scholarship.

You can learn more about EAP here.

And a little more about Elite....

  • Tuition free
  • Highly qualified instructors
  • School events
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Home school, flex and independent study options
  • Flexible daily school schedule
  • Individualized learning and instruction
  • Educational funds
  • Enrichment programs including career training, athletics, fine arts and travel

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