Catheryn, Reardon, PhD is an Elite educator with the Virtual Program who has been a teacher for 15 years. She loves helping students in meeting their goals to succeed! She works with students one on one, and their families, to ensure that they are progressing in their courses, and receive the support they need when challenges arise.

I am also their cheerleader when it comes to their academic progress and working towards their long term goals! I also love to support my student athletes, and those involved in the arts! I am also the content teacher for High School English in grades 11 and 12, and love to assist my content students by providing tutoring and live sessions that go over difficult concepts.

Mrs. Reardon, her husband and 2 daughters enjoying some sun!

Mrs. Reardon was inspired to get into teaching after her first of three daughters was born.

I spent my first career in journalism and publishing, but fell in love with teaching after the birth of my first daughter. I went back to school to earn my credentials to become a teacher, and then taught in the physical classroom for several years before switching to online teaching in 2008. I continued my learning so I could better serve my students in the online environment and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Education, and then a Ph.D. in General Psychology in Technology and Learning. As a lifelong learner myself, I try to promote that love of learning for my students so they not only see the value of education, but how accessible it is for them too!

She really enjoys teaching at Elite and has found a home with the Virtual Program!

I love teaching in the remote environment and appreciate that this format of learning allows students to attend in a flexible setting that best meets their academic needs and busy schedules. This is a wonderful setting for many student athletes, and those who need a more flexible format of learning. It is also a wonderful option in light of current events!

We asked Mrs. Reardon what she would like to say to her current and future students:

I would tell them that I will be their biggest cheerleader, and I am on their team! I think often times it can be scary to be an online student because you are unsure of who is on the other side of the computer screen. However, I take joy in my student’s successes, and in their failures too so that we can create a game plan to help them succeed. There is no one size fits all in education and it is my job to find that perfect fit for my students in their online learning so that they can gain confidence and grow as a student! 🙂

Mrs. Reardon definitely stays busy outside of the virtual classroom. She love to swim and take long walks, watch her daughter’s Water Polo teams, and attend many athletic events. She is a huge Disneyland fan, or in her words, a “Disney Geek”! Our Elite Virtual students are very lucky to have such a caring, experienced and hands on teacher. Thank you Mrs. Reardon for everything that you bring to Elite Academic Academy!