As the cold weather arrives, so too appear the dreaded ugly sweaters! Seen out at holiday parties and even the home during the ABC holiday special binging events on the couch, these atrocious articles of clothing have gotten more creative and–dare we say–uglier! The tradition has gone so viral, in fact, that it even has its own holiday.

If you’re thinking you don’t have an ugly sweater, your friends would probably beg to differ.

Even the simplest of sweaters can turn into the perfect ugly holiday sweater with a couple household, everyday decorations. Check out some ideas below.

Bailey in a ugly sweater for christmas

How to Make Your Very Own, Truly Hideously Ugly Sweater 

While this extravagantly ugly sweater may look complicated, it’s pretty simple!

Here are some objects you can put on your ugly sweater ready for the upcoming festivities:

  • Sweater from your closet (Or purchased for this occasion, if you prefer!)
  • Yarn, garland, tinsel or blinking lights to make stripes
  • Ornaments, or thin props to add throughout the sweater
  • Bells or anything else loud and obnoxious!
  • Your favorite stuffed animal (because why not?)

To put together the sweater, you can use whatever you have! Either make it more permanent with hot glue or have a temporary ugly sweater using rubber bands, safety pins or binder clips. Whatever you do, you can be sure to have a great sweater just like Peyton’s!

Once you’ve put together your masterpiece, don’t forget to tag us in your uploaded photo on Facebook! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.