It’s a new year and a new decade. So clearly, it’s the year of “new year, new you.”

As with every year, there are resolutions to create and set that’ll likely be forgotten within the next few months. It’ll happen.

Instead of trying to set a goal you don’t really want to keep (like eating a salad every day), how about one that could have an actual lasting positive impact on your family’s life:

We’d like to call the “new year, new school” resolution. See what we did there?

If your child is struggling with academics or the traditional mold is simply not working well for your family, then resolve to make a change.


We enroll throughout the school year, so you can get started at a time that’s best for you.

If you don’t know about Elite, here’s a little more info:

Our courses are tuition free with an aligned, engaging curriculum

Elite is a public charter school, which means it is tuition free.

Our curriculum is accredited and held to the same standards as a traditional school. We work to go beyond that by providing not only a rigorous, but engaging online education that happens to have won multiple awards.

Our teachers are highly qualified and provide personalized support

Every teacher at Elite is highly qualified and dedicated to our students. They offer individual support through phone calls, emails, instant messaging and online tutoring sessions. Oftentimes, our students actually report that they receive more personalized attention with us than they did at their old schools.

There are homeschool, independent study and flex programs for a more personalized touch

Prefer to be at home and in charge of your child’s education? Great. We have homeschool programs available so we can support you in that endeavor.

Want to have your child at home, but still have a curriculum and teachers provided? Our independent study is a great solution. Or maybe you like the idea of independent study, but you still want your child to attend a school in person (that’ll be our Flex Academy). Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance we have the program for you.

You can catch up on credits or get ahead and possibly graduate early

Catching up or getting ahead is more doable with Elite. Students can take additional courses each block to catch up or get ahead–all with the support of a highly qualified instructor or academic coach.

Our partnerships mean better opportunities to direct your educational funds.

Each child has unique interests and talents. That’s why we partner with several vendors. So your child can have the opportunity to improve their athletics or their fine arts skills. Or even travel to different countries at nearly no cost to you.

To learn more about our educational funds, head here.

A few differences and similarities between Elite and traditional school


  • Tuition free
  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Special education programs
  • School events
  • Graduation ceremony


  • Home school, flex and independent study options
  • Flexible daily school schedule
  • Individualized learning and instruction
  • Educational funds
  • Enrichment programs including career training, athletics, fine arts and travel